Recap: Women’s MBA Panel

Written by: Jacqueline Galichon


herNetwork was visited by several women from the Women’s MBA Association in Questrom. They shared with us more about what the MBA program is like within Questrom including the student life, curriculum, and professional opportunities. They highlighted the program’s emphasis on networking and professional events that occur on the regular. This is because the turnaround is just two years, compared to four for undergraduates. The Feld Career Center does a great job providing these networking opportunities that reflect the students’ interests.

Additionally, BU offers students the option to pursue two master’s degrees – one in business and one in public health. This was a key defining factor for several of the women. Many of the panelists have a public health background including previous work experiences in hospitals and healthcare administration. They came to BU to pursue an MBA and/or MPH in order to enhance their career further in the health sector as well as in consulting. In general, the MBA student body is diverse regarding undergraduate degrees, prior work experience, and post-graduation goals. This makes for a collaborative and dynamic environment for sharing ideas. We would like to thank all the amazing women who sat on our panel!

If anyone has any questions or is interested in learning more about the women, please contact