Recap: Andersen Tax Info Session

Written by: Minna Tang


Thank you to everyone that came to our event this week!

Andersen Tax was founded in 2002 by 23 former public accounting partners and is now one of the largest independent national firms in the United States. The firm dedicates considerable resources to find the most talented professionals who are “high achievers, motivated, and enjoy a dynamic environment.” They hand pick top students across the country.

As a tax associate, you will go through a series of training, such as case studies, to make sure that you are prepared for your role. Your responsibilities are to enhance and protect clients assets and wealth, and serve as a member of clients service team

  • Help prepare federal, state and local tax returns
  • Participate in tax planning
  • Prepare 10099’s and quarterly estimates
  • Assist in gathering client information
  • Prepare technical memoranda

Andersen Tax recognizes and value curiosity and willingness to learn. They provide  a reimbursement for the CPA and/or other career development opportunities. They also have a summer leadership program. You will be able to find more information on HandShake.

Who are they looking for?

  • Self-starter: who takes initiatives and willing to take challenges
  • Positive attitude: excited to be there for the opportunities
  • Willingness to learn and interest

How to Keep Up Your Productivity

Written by: Yuriya Miyako
As midterm season attempts to take over our lives and the semester is half way over, all students must be drowning in work. Here are some tips to get through the rough times and have a more productive time.


1.Set timers for study sessions: Break up your study session into several time slots. It will allow you to concentrate easily.


2. Make a check list for the day: This will help you organize tasks into even smaller tasks.


3. Don’t forget short study breaks: Study breaks will help you regain your motivation.


4. Turn your phone off: “Just checking Instagram” can always turn into scrolling for two hours.

5. Do not multitask: Focusing on one task at a time improves the quality of the work and helps you shift smoothly from one task to another.


Trunk Club Launch Party!

Before spring break herNetwork was invited to attend Trunk Club’s Launch Party in their new Boston location! The evening was a ton of fun with lots of appetizers, a swag bag, and photo booth! Pictures below for proof!

trunk club photo booth.jpgIMG_0725.JPG

Trunk Club is an online fashion retailer that personalizes your experience with your very own stylist. They have locations all across the United States and have finally opened a location in Boston! Trunk Club has come to campus a couple times to visit student groups including herNetwork to talk about career opportunities as well as appropriate professional dress.

A big thank you again to Trunk Club and welcome to Boston!


Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Networking Lunch

Written by: Morgan Cappetta


After Yvonne Garcia (State Street) gave her opening keynote, and after the first breakout session of the day – in which students could select to attend an Accounting Panel, a Law Panel, or a Salary Negotiation Workshop – it was time for lunch! Lunch was hosted in the 9th floor trustee ballroom space at the Questrom School of Business. Sandwiches, salads, cookies and beverages were enjoyed by all. Seating was open, encouraging students to branch out and meet their peers and other professionals in attendance.

After the sit-down portion had concluded, the lunch moved into the networking portion, in which attendees moved into a cocktail setup with tall, small tables, encouraging movement and flexibility of conversation. Conversations abounded, and new connections were made. After the networking portion had concluded, members of herNetwork ushered students and professionals back down for the second breakout session of the day – from which students could choose to attend a Marketing Panel, a Finance Panel, or a Workshop about exiting ones comfort zone. We hope our attendees foster and grow the relationships they began at our conference, as networking, learning, and making friends are what our conference is all about!

6 Unique Things To Do on a Snow Day


Written by: Sarina Santiago

We hoped that you soaked up the Spring Break sun and heat because Boston’s weather is dropping down to a low 22F this week with a snow day. Instead of locking yourself alone in your room avoiding the blizzard, here is a list of 6 unique things to do during a snow day.DENTALALUMS

  1. Sled down a hill: No sleds? Simply borrow dining hall trays and use them for sleds!

  2. Make homemade hot cocoa with friends: Gather your friends and make your own hot cocoa enough to last you for the whole day.

  3. Play board games: Put away all your electronic devices and bond with your friends with the classic Monopoly or Risk.

  4. Host a snowball fight with friends: Is it even a snow day if you don’t have a snowball fight?

  5. Make a fort and watch movies: Grab your cozy blankets and pillows and invite your friends to watch movies.

  6. Have a karaoke party: Put on a karaoke playlist and sing loudly to classic hits.

Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Salary Negotiation Workshop

Written by: Amanda Ashley


The first workshop of the conference was the Salary Negotiation workshop presented by Victoria Schroeder from the Questrom UDC. Overall, the workshop was informative, engaging, and extremely useful. It began with a discussion about why salary negotiation was important, how the wage gap affects it, and what some of the typical excuses are to avoid salary negotiation. Most people avoid negotiating salary because they are just grateful to have an offer, they do not want to start a new job off by asking for more, or they want to avoid an awkward situation. But good news! If you are prepared for the negotiation it does not have to be awkward. Here are seven steps Vicky shared with us to help with negotiating salary:

  1. When you get an offer, don’t accept right away. Ask them how long you have before you must respond with your decision. This gives you time to do any necessary research and to think about what you need.
  2. Benchmark your offer. Use websites like and to research what market value is for this job. Decide if your offer fits.
  3. Evaluate the offer. Spend some time figuring out what the lowest salary you can accept is. Keep in mind that it is not always necessary or appropriate to try to negotiate salary (i.e., unpaid internships).
  4. Consider more than just salary. They may not be able to give you a salary raise or a larger signing bonus so consider other elements, such as vacation/sick days, stock options, and tuition assistance.
  5. Develop a leverage list. Identify your strengths and why they may help you argue for a higher salary.
  6. Negotiate over the phone. NEVER negotiate by email.
  7. Remember: it’s okay to decline an offer if it just doesn’t work for you!

We hope you enjoyed the workshop!



Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Work Life Balance Workshop

Written by: Shannon Low


Today, many people struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance because they fail to separate their work from their personal lives. At the beginning of your career, first impressions are important to creating a name for yourself at your company or industry. Professor Rachel Spooner agreed with this by explaining how within her first year as a lawyer she worked hard to establish a good reputation, which stayed with her throughout her career. She explained that during her first year she would always take each case that was presented to her and worked long hours to complete everything effectively and efficiently. Although she worked hard within her first couple of years in a private firm, she emphasized how that now she makes time to balance her work and personal life. She makes sure that she can attend her children’s games and events by having someone else step in for her meetings or seeing if she can have them rescheduled. Do not slack off after you establish yourself in your industry, however, you should be able to create a balance between your work and personal life to be able to unplug from work and relax.

Professor Spooner stressed the importance of carefully choosing your partner, whether it be for work, life, or in school. You should make sure that you choose a partner that shares the same goals as you, someone you can communicate effectively with, and someone that can help you achieve those goals. Also, surrounding yourself with people that create a supportive network for you will help because you have people that will help you overcome any obstacle.  It is important to be able to describe in detail your goals and motives because you may know on the surface what you want, but you need to know why you want them.