Keynote Speakers


Caroline Lendl

Caroline Lendl grew up in the world of equestrian eventing. Caroline is no stranger to matters of competition and determination. Her experience in a sport where men and women compete equally has given her unique insight into creating an equal playing field in the workplace. Growing up as one of five daughters from equally competitive parents wasn’t always easy, but it helped instill a strong drive and work ethic. Caroline decided to channel her passion for eventing into the broader world of sports. She earned the opportunity to intern with multiple companies including Nike, Inc., while attending The University of Alabama and majoring in Advertising. As soon as Caroline stepped foot on the Nike campus she promised herself that she would find a way to get back there – and this time for good. Caroline started her professional career at Under Armour in Baltimore, Maryland and made the transition back to Nike, Inc., shortly thereafter. Having seen the industry from various perspectives, Caroline endeavors to continue refining her skills and building into her future. Caroline is currently working for Converse a subsidiary of Nike, Inc., and is enjoying all that Boston has to offer!