Studying Abroad with herNetwork: Nicole in Dublin

Written by: Nicole Renteria

Dublin, Ireland

I am currently studying abroad in Dublin and absolutely loving it. I’ve been involved with herNetwork for the past two years. I was the previous VP of Operations and the upcoming Vice President! In Questrom, I study International Business with a minor in French Language.

While abroad, I’ve been interning at Centralis Ireland, a financial services firm. I have been loving every second of being here in Ireland. The people are great, the city is wonderful, and there is nothing more picturesque than the country side of Ireland. Just imagine fields and fields of green and sheep – it’s remarkable. Some of the best qualities from my time abroad have been the people I met. Not only the other students that I live with from Boston, but mainly the people I’ve met from Ireland. I have made lifelong friends from all over Ireland that have made a serious impact on my time here. My co-workers as well have been such a lovely addition to my experience. They are welcoming and great to be around, both in the office and outside of it.

Another great aspect of my semester abroad has been the opportunity to travel! I focused most of my time on seeing all of Ireland. I came to Dublin to get the full Irish experience, and you definitely need to visit the country side for the traditional aesthetic. My favorite city to visit in Ireland has been Galway. Everything you could ever imagine the Irish culture to encompass – you can feel when you’re sitting at a pub in Galway. Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl came after we already visited but I think the song is reason enough to return! Outside of Ireland, my favorite travel destination was Barcelona. It’s an incredible city, with a lively culture and a great atmosphere all around. Barcelona is very different from the feel of Dublin, which made it more appealing to visit. It was great to visit somewhere completely different from where I’ve been living for the past few months.

These past few months have been an absolute joy to spend in Dublin. There is no better experience than studying abroad for a semester if you get the chance. Fair warning – the semester will fly by and you’ll be dreading the day you have to leave! Whether you end up in Dublin, or some other beautiful city across the world, make sure you stop into Ireland for a pint and save a dance at Dicey’s. Ireland has so much to offer, and you’ll be consumed by their pride and culture.


Studying Abroad with HerNetwork: Alex in Ireland

Written by: Alexandra Dellostrito

Dublin, Ireland

Hi everyone! I’m currently taking a break from my e-board responsibilities while abroad in Dublin, Ireland. If you’ve forgotten who I am, my name is Alex and I am a junior concentrating in finance. I was previously herNetwork’s VP of Community Outreach, but will be the VP of Finance next semester when I’m back in Boston.

Alex Barcelona Pigeon.jpg

At the moment though, I’m sitting in my apartment on the University College Dublin’s campus sipping a takeaway Americano from our business school’s Starbucks (old habits die hard). I’m one of nine BU students taking part in Questrom’s Dublin Management Internship program. The academic program runs from January to the end of April, followed by a full-time internship from May to mid-June. Given that timeline, I’m approaching the part of the semester where actual studying becomes a bigger part of study abroad.  

That said, the school system here in Ireland is more relaxed than at BU. You have one or two assignments throughout the course of the year, but little else. So one great thing about being abroad in Ireland is that you have a lot more free time. You can pick up a new hobby, join a club or just relax and enjoy your time away. I’ve chosen the latter route and have spent most of my free time exploring the city or planning trips to other parts of Europe.

When I came to Dublin, I didn’t have an exact list of places I wanted to visit. I thought of a few countries that would be cool to see, but I wasn’t attached to any place in particular. By keeping my options open, I went to cities that never would have crossed my mind, like Vienna or Budapest. I knew that I wanted to see Spain at some point, but was unsure which city would be the best to visit. Ultimately, it came down to price. After a very inexpensive flight courtesy of Ryanair, I was off to Barcelona last weekend. Highlights from this trip include ordering a cappuccino in Spanish, eating an 0.80 baguette and exploring Park Güell with minor interruptions from pigeons.

While studying abroad in an English speaking country like Ireland doesn’t feel that different from studying back home, you can experience culture shock if you travel to non-English speaking countries. This is something I would absolutely recommend. Not being able to read maps or signs makes you think differently. I think I’ll be coming back home with a new set of skills developed entirely through traveling. Studying outside of the US was something I always wanted to do, but something I never thought would actually happen. It’s scary! Maybe it’s the finance major in me, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that you have to take risks. This one was definitely worth it.

Meet the Marketing Committee Leaders: Sanjna Basa and Savanna Illinger

sav sanj

Savanna Illinger (left)

Hi gang! My name is Savanna and I am one of the Marketing Committee leaders for this coming year! I am currently a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying English. This will be my first year working with herNetwork and I am incredibly excited to work with such an amazing group! I’m originally from North Carolina but I call Boston home, my fun fact in life is that I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop (over 8000).

Sanjna Basa (right)

Hi everyone! My name is Sanjna and I’m co-marketing committee leader. I am a sophomore in the Questrom School of Business studying Finance and Management Information Systems and I’m from Hillsborough, New Jersey. I was an active member of the Fundraising Committee and Community Outreach Committee my freshman year and I’m very excited to work with Savanna and lead the Marketing Committee! This past summer, I was an intern at Shiseido America Inc. I like to consider myself a foodie, I love trying new foods and I am a self taught baker and cake decorator.

Meet the Community Outreach Committee Leaders: Amanda Ashley and Yan Chen



Amanda Ashley (Left)

Hello everybody! My name is Amanda Ashley, and I am a Committee Leader for the Community Outreach Committee. I will be a sophomore in Questrom this year, and will most likely be concentrating in International Management and Marketing. I joined herNetwork last year and have loved being a part of such a great, empowering community. I am very excited to be even more involved in the organization this year. I am from Florida, but instead of living near the beach I actually live close to Disney World (which is way better in my opinion!). In fact, last year was the first time I had ever seen snow and experienced a real winter. I have had a great summer working at a local law firm and enjoying the warm weather. I am really looking forward to starting this semester and meeting everybody!

Lucy Yan Chen (right)

Hi, I’m Lucy (Yan Chen) and I’m going to be a Community Outreach Committee Leader for herNetwork during the 2016-2017 academic year. (I am so excited to work with my amazing colleagues). I’ll be a junior in the Fall 2016 and I’m going to concentrate in Finance and Strategy & Innovation within the Questrom School of Business. I interned in the Global Trade Services department in Bank of China in Hangzhou this summer. I am from Hangzhou, China and went to New York for high school. I love oil painting and I play a Chinese instrument called guqin. I am also addicted to avocados 😛

Meet the E-board: President


Hi, I’m Jackie, the President of herNetwork for the 2016-2017 academic year! I’ll be a senior in the Fall 2016 and I’m a Finance and Accounting concentrator within the Questrom School of Business and an Economics minor. I’ve been with herNetwork since my freshman year, starting off as a Fundraising and Logistics intern. I’m really excited for this coming year and thrilled to be working with the rest of my amazing Executive Board! I’ll be a senior this coming fall semester and over the summer I’ll be interning at Wellington Management Company in Boston. I’m originally from New Jersey (we have good bagels), I love ballet and hope to be a cheese connoisseur when I grow up.

Meet the E-board: Executive VP

1929378_10154166444629411_7040301299723592349_nHey everybody! I’m Catherine and I’m the Executive VP of herNetwork for the 2016-17 academic school year! I’ll be a senior this coming fall and I am a dual concentrator in Accounting and Operations and Technology Management within Questrom School of Business. I’ve been a member of herNetwork since freshman year and is excited to work with the rest of the herNetwork e-board this coming fall semester! Like Jackie, I am also originally from New Jersey and yes, we do have the best bagels! I absolutely love traveling and my goal is to visit every country around the globe. Look forward to our awesome events with herNetwork this coming school year!

Meet the E-board: VP of Internal Affairs


Hi everyone! My name is Irene Lougiakis and I will be the VP of Internal Affairs for the upcoming Fall! I’ll be a junior in the Questrom School of Business, concentrating in Strategy. I’ve been involved with herNetwork since my freshman year, starting off as a member, to a Logistics Intern, to finally joining the executive board at the start of my sophomore year. I’m so excited to start my third year and be a part of a great team of ladies all aiming to make this organization bigger and better. Unlike the rest of these girls, I’m from Brooklyn, New York. We may not have the best bagels, but I’m sure you all know we’re famous for a killer pizza. I love to run but I’m a foodie at heart. (I write reviews for Yelp on a weekly basis). Looking forward to meeting you all soon and having a great semester!