Recap: Internship Opportunities with Epsilon

Written by: Sarina Santiago

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Last Tuesday, herNetwork kicked off the Spring semester with an info session with Epsilon. The company is known for its large-scale digital marketing with over 2000 clients worldwide. Epsilon is intelligent in its marketing as it targets customers’ specific needs and habits. The company began in 1960 and has since grown to a well-known name in its industry winning multiple awards such Largest US Digital-Agency Network 2015. One of their famous accomplishments is Dove’s “Real People” campaign.

Campus recruiter, Lauren Kent, along with two BU alums came in to talk about several internship opportunities Epsilon offers. There is an 11-week paid internship mostly targeted for college junior and seniors where interns work in a group project. For graduate students, there is a two year Epsilon New Grad program, which is not limited to people who have done the internship. However, international students are required to have the internship program before applying for the New Grad program. Additionally, freshman and sophomore students can join the Epsilon bootcamp where they shadow employees for the day.


Negotiating a Better Salary

Written by: Catherine Chen

On November 17th, herNetwork partnered with RISE to bring AAUW on to campus for a salary negotiations workshop. Attended by both men and women undergraduate and graduate students, attendees had the opportunity of learning about the causes and effects of the gender wage gap, identifying the steps of salary and benefits negotiation as well as practicing negotiation strategies and techniques through role play exercises.

While at the workshop, I learned a few facts about the gender pay gap. In 2014, women working full time in the US were paid roughly 79 percent of what their counterparts were paid and this gap does not appear to be disappearing any time soon. One of the solutions of minimizing this gender gap is through salary negotiation. According to Linda Babcock’s Women Don’t Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation-and Positive Strategies for Change, “30 percent of women always negotiate versus 46 percent of men” and according to a survey conducted by Levo League, “59% of millennials didn’t negotiate for any part of their compensation in their current job.”

In order to combat this and begin the negotiations process, AAUW recommends the following steps:

  1. Know Your Value
  2. Benchmark Your Salary and Benefits
  3. Know Your Strategy
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The workshop was extremely helpful and informative for those who are planning on navigating the art of negotiation. For those who are still interested in learning more, make sure to visit

Recap: HubSpot and the Importance of Inbound Marketing

Written By: Meredith Wilshere


Last Tuesday HerNetwork had the pleasure of hosting two employees from HubSpot to talk about the importance of inbound marketing, and to comment on the changes the business world is undergoing. First, they defined what inbound marketing means – the process of attracting, engaging with and delighting your leads and customers through personalized, relevant content. This means that there is no longer a drive to sell something to a customer one time. At its core, inbound marketing is about building relationships with your audience by providing them with value. They emphasized that people used to say buyer beware, now it’s seller beware. Consumer culture has changed, and now the customer is the one that holds the control.
They called to attention the fact that the old marketing playbook is broken, presenting the statistics that 94% of possible consumers skips tv ads, 94% unsubscribe from email 27% direct mail is never opened 50% are on do not call lists. Inbound marketing strives to break the consumer free from this culture, engaging them with content that will lead them to make an informed decision on their own. Through inbound marketing, content acts as a magnet, or beacon, to capture your prospect’s attention so your potential customers come to you. The HubSpot presentation ended with information about the casual corporate culture at HubSpot that was driven by opportunities for employees to balance work and life, and held and emphasis for getting stuff done.

Recap: You X Branding

Written by: Ly Phan

social-media-marketing-imageThis past Tuesday, herNetwork hosted a workshop on personal branding on social media. The workshop was led by our ex-VP of Social Media and current VP of Community Outreach,Sophia Smith and our current VP of Social Media, Meredith Wilshere. Here are a few of our takeaways from this workshop:

  • Remember to keep it appropriate and professional because employers can “google” you anytime.
  • Hashtags are great to promote your posts but be careful not to overuse it.
  • There are many ways for you to improve your LinkedIn profile, including having a summary and adding relevant courses that you have taken.
  • Having a blog or a personal website is great especially for Marketing and Advertising student. It is a great way to show of your aesthetic, personality and also your portfolio!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with it!

After sharing tips on personal branding on social media, Sophia and Meredith also gave attendees tips on creating their own elevator pitch. Having an elevator pitch in hand is great for networking as well as for career fairs. After having a little time to practice, we  got to hear Meredith’s and our President, Jackie’s, elevator pitches! Their pitches were great because they were able to mention their skills, and at the same time had interesting facts about themselves that make the pitches sound less rehearsed and more personal. Having fun facts about themselves in the pitch also enables employers or whoever the listeners are to build off that and keep the conversation going.

Recap: The Case Interview with Accenture

Written by: Meredith Wilshere


Last Tuesday, HerNetworkBU had the pleasure of hosting Accenture, a local end to end consulting firm that handles many clients. The major services that Accenture provides are strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. When introduced to a new client, or when dealing with a previous client, Accenture is able to identify the problem that client faces and direct them to the correct service that Accenture provides. The client is able to stay in-house, which allows for the client to only use one consulting firm to address and mitigate their problems.   

With both seasoned vets and recent BU alums in toe, Accenture professionals shared details about what it’s like to work in a fast-paced industry. After a brief definition of the company and what they do, the presenters gave those in attendance tips for interviewing. With a focus on case interviews, which are a specialty of Accenture, they assured the audience that the interviews are not as scary as they seem. Some hints they gave for interviewing are: being yourself, having confidence in your answers, listening to your interviewer, and having a passion for a position at the company. The last one was stressed through showing how you could be an asset to the company, not showing how much you know about that company.

Recap: Networking 101 with Ernst & Young

Written by: Madison Randolph


For last week’s herNetwork event, we excitedly welcomed back our friends from Big Four accounting firm, Ernst & Young! Our members and other attendees of the event had long awaited the company’s return ever since our involvement with them last year. Following the Questrom Student Career Fair early that day, EY campus recruiter Hannah Hanks and a variety of Questrom alumni now working at the company gave the audience a breakdown of Networking 101.

The presentation provided networking tips on a variety of areas, spanning from proper interview attire to making a lasting impression. Hannah’s enthusiasm made networking seem like a fun and enjoyable task rather than a skill that needed to be mastered. The crowd then broke off into their individual tables, each accompanied with a current EY professional to create care packages for women in shelters while discussing the company culture on a more intimate level. Everyone then came back together for a debrief in which a few individuals spoke about what they learned from the event. A key takeaway was that interviewing and networking does not have to feel forced. The best professional conversations are the ones in which you are comfortable, being yourself and showing what you can bring to the table.

Follow Your Dreams and Be Tech-Savvy

Written by: Minna Tang


Dean Freeman started this year’s Dean’s Speaker Series with three senior executives from Fidelity Investments. Dean Freeman and his guests discussed the current and the future of the financial services with Bill Ackerman, Head of Human Resources, Kathleen Murphy, President of Personal Investing, and Dick Lynos, Head of Business Partner Solutions. BU herNetwork was lucky enough to be one of the co-sponsorships got for the event. As VP of Marketing for herNetwork, I was invited to a special post-event dinner and had the opportunity to talk to the guests.

Throughout the evening, I was very impressed by how much Fidelity emphasizes technology and passionate employees. Many of us might consider Fidelity as one of the typical financial firms on Wall St., which only cares about number and money. However, the company not only is “obsessed” with customer services, but also put most of its resources into innovation. They believe that customers come to them because they need help, so they always put themselves into customers’ shoes to solve the problem for them. The only time employees would do that is when they enjoy what they are doing.  They love their job, so that they are willing to bring their own passion to them and find the meanings in what they do as the jobs are getting more and more interesting for them. The other point was “business is technology.” The guests encourage students to at least take one coding class because the digital experience has become one of the must-have skills for 21st century. With the rising cyber security issue, students need to acquire the basic knowledge of the digital world to understand the changing world.