The trial and error of my work life balance

By Minna Tang 

Hi all, my current GeoFilter tells me I am at South Kensington, London. Yes, William, Kate, Harry and Meghan are sort of my neighbors, but unfortunately I have not had the chance to meet them in person.

I am working at TAIT Stage Technologies as a HR Intern. I walked in thinking no one would take me seriously and now consider myself a part of the big family. People here are absolutely welcoming and willing to help. I have learned a lot through my job and found it absolutely rewarding when the result became useful for others. Since my company works with various productions locally, I was able to get some free tickets to see Broadway shows and get on the stages and backstages of theaters to see all the efforts behind a successful show. I don’t want to bore you with my job, so feel free to talk to me if you want to know more about it.

fullsizeoutput_46e6.jpegAlthough there is not much a cultural shock for me, there were still some hilarious incidents. My coworker asked me to get her some squash when I went downstairs for coffee. I came back with a cup of squash and everyone in the office burst into laughter. Apparently I had mistaken squash for regular juice since I thought it was something like ‘chips’ and ‘fries.’ However, squash is actually “a non-alcoholic concentrated syrup.” I learned then that the right way to drink squash is to add a lot of water and a little bit of squash. Therefore, if you think studying, working and living in London is exactly the same as home, you are probably should come here and check out the squash, Yorkshire pudding, toad in the hole and bangers and mash. No, you cannot just google them, you have to try them HERE.

Traveling was one of my favorite and least favorite parts. No one had told me about the tight schedules I would experience here, so I had to decide between red-eye flights to my checklist destinations and a more relaxing life schedule overall. Unsurprisingly I chose the traveling before the experience made up for everything. Oh, I cannot forget to give credit to all the coffee I had at 3am on the way to the airport.

Anyway, why are you still reading? Just click “apply” and submit your application NOW!




Find Your Inner Feminist

Written by: Ly Phan

Title: 5 Movies that Help You Find Your Inner Feminist

Mid-terms period just finished. You only have a little time to catch a breath before finals period begin. Of course, there is not enough time to start and binge watch a new TV show. But, you definitely deserve a movie break. Today, we curated a movie list for you to relax, enjoy and find your inner feminist power.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


I’m sure you have heard a lot of buzz from this movie. It was nominated for several Oscars last year and the costume designs are just unforgettable. But my favorite part about this film is the female protagonist Furiosa. The movie sets in a time years after the collapse of civilization. At this time, women are treated like properties but Furiosa’s mission to liberate these women is refreshing and admirable. It shows acknowledgement of frustration and how to stay open to change which is surprising relevant to our current time.


  • Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

If action movie like Mad Max: Fury Road is not your type, then here is a more relaxing drama/romance option. Mona Lisa smiles sets in 1950s. It tells a story about a college professor and how she guides her female students to choose their paths after graduation. She showed them that marrying a rich husband and becoming a housewife is not the only path; they can strive for better. There are other ways to make use of their education at UCLA. Seeing these women at their cross paths in life is so relatable since we are at that stage of our life as well.

  • Short Term 12  (2013)

Starring Brie Larson (my favorite actress, feminist), Short Term 12 tells the story of a supervisor while dealing with her personal crisis but still refuse to ignore the needs of others in her community. Brie Larson is known for her Oscar winning performance in Room (2015), but her performance in this movie is no less good. Seeing her in this film is definitely just the motivational girl power boost you needed.

  • How to Be Single Single (2016)

If the above 3 films are too heavy for you, How to Be Single is just the kind of rom-com you are look for. What we love about this movie is that you will find a piece of you reflected in one of the 4 women in this movie and the dilemma that they face. The film is relatable but also teaches its audience one important lesson about feminism. It is that women have control of their lives and can make their own decision whether that is being single and doing things for themselves or allowing a man to come into their lives.

  • Frida (2002)


Today, we are ending the blog with a classic movie. Frida, starring Salma Hayek, features the true story of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who became one of the most acclaimed artists in Mexican history. For us, there is no better way to channel our feminist  than celebrating the life story of a talented woman with a beautiful artistic mind like Frida Kahlo.

Recap: Andersen Tax Info Session

Written by: Minna Tang


Thank you to everyone that came to our event this week!

Andersen Tax was founded in 2002 by 23 former public accounting partners and is now one of the largest independent national firms in the United States. The firm dedicates considerable resources to find the most talented professionals who are “high achievers, motivated, and enjoy a dynamic environment.” They hand pick top students across the country.

As a tax associate, you will go through a series of training, such as case studies, to make sure that you are prepared for your role. Your responsibilities are to enhance and protect clients assets and wealth, and serve as a member of clients service team

  • Help prepare federal, state and local tax returns
  • Participate in tax planning
  • Prepare 10099’s and quarterly estimates
  • Assist in gathering client information
  • Prepare technical memoranda

Andersen Tax recognizes and value curiosity and willingness to learn. They provide  a reimbursement for the CPA and/or other career development opportunities. They also have a summer leadership program. You will be able to find more information on HandShake.

Who are they looking for?

  • Self-starter: who takes initiatives and willing to take challenges
  • Positive attitude: excited to be there for the opportunities
  • Willingness to learn and interest

How to Keep Up Your Productivity

Written by: Yuriya Miyako
As midterm season attempts to take over our lives and the semester is half way over, all students must be drowning in work. Here are some tips to get through the rough times and have a more productive time.


1.Set timers for study sessions: Break up your study session into several time slots. It will allow you to concentrate easily.


2. Make a check list for the day: This will help you organize tasks into even smaller tasks.


3. Don’t forget short study breaks: Study breaks will help you regain your motivation.


4. Turn your phone off: “Just checking Instagram” can always turn into scrolling for two hours.

5. Do not multitask: Focusing on one task at a time improves the quality of the work and helps you shift smoothly from one task to another.


Trunk Club Launch Party!

Before spring break herNetwork was invited to attend Trunk Club’s Launch Party in their new Boston location! The evening was a ton of fun with lots of appetizers, a swag bag, and photo booth! Pictures below for proof!

trunk club photo booth.jpgIMG_0725.JPG

Trunk Club is an online fashion retailer that personalizes your experience with your very own stylist. They have locations all across the United States and have finally opened a location in Boston! Trunk Club has come to campus a couple times to visit student groups including herNetwork to talk about career opportunities as well as appropriate professional dress.

A big thank you again to Trunk Club and welcome to Boston!


6 Unique Things To Do on a Snow Day


Written by: Sarina Santiago

We hoped that you soaked up the Spring Break sun and heat because Boston’s weather is dropping down to a low 22F this week with a snow day. Instead of locking yourself alone in your room avoiding the blizzard, here is a list of 6 unique things to do during a snow day.DENTALALUMS

  1. Sled down a hill: No sleds? Simply borrow dining hall trays and use them for sleds!

  2. Make homemade hot cocoa with friends: Gather your friends and make your own hot cocoa enough to last you for the whole day.

  3. Play board games: Put away all your electronic devices and bond with your friends with the classic Monopoly or Risk.

  4. Host a snowball fight with friends: Is it even a snow day if you don’t have a snowball fight?

  5. Make a fort and watch movies: Grab your cozy blankets and pillows and invite your friends to watch movies.

  6. Have a karaoke party: Put on a karaoke playlist and sing loudly to classic hits.

Some of the Best Places to Get Dessert, According to Jackie

Written by: Jackie Galichon

Kanes Donuts in the Financial District

16881030_10208406732631389_575253541_o.jpgIf you ever have a chance to get down town, definitely stop by Kanes, they use organic and local ingredients so you can ~feel good~ about your treat. Their menu includes a lot of unique flavors like crème brulee, maple bacon, butter crunch, cookies and cream, cinnamon and gluten free options!


16910805_10208406732671390_323616693_oAs most BU students know, Tatte has popped up in multiple locations all over Boston. Their selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options are all delicious. But since this is about desserts I will keep my excitement to a minimum. They have everything from biscotti to chocolate croissants to tarts and cakes and cookies. So if you’re looking for a place to pick up something sweet after class or something a little fancier, Tatte has the selection.

BlackBird Doughnuts

Similar to Kane’s, Blackbird Doughnuts has constantly changing flavors. However here they offer a scoop of ice cream to make a doughnut sandwich in case it’s been a long day, week, year (depending on your “fitness” “plan” and “goals”). I would also recommend their warm apple cider to go along with your doughnut especially this winter.

Angora versus Café 472

16910895_10208406732551387_148244184_oLiving in West Campus definitely makes Angora the more convenient location, but Café 472 gets you more bang for your buck. Both places offer lunch and dinner items. But if you have a sweet tooth like me froyo is the go-to. Angora lets you pick a mix-in flavor (cookies dough, peppermint, cheese cake etc.) that they blend into the froyo AND THEN you get to add toppings. Café 472 does something similar but with a few additional toppings.

When in doubt, Buick Street’s Dunkin’ Donuts sells doughnuts for 49 cents after 3pm…just saying…