6 Unique Things To Do on a Snow Day


Written by: Sarina Santiago

We hoped that you soaked up the Spring Break sun and heat because Boston’s weather is dropping down to a low 22F this week with a snow day. Instead of locking yourself alone in your room avoiding the blizzard, here is a list of 6 unique things to do during a snow day.DENTALALUMS

  1. Sled down a hill: No sleds? Simply borrow dining hall trays and use them for sleds!

  2. Make homemade hot cocoa with friends: Gather your friends and make your own hot cocoa enough to last you for the whole day.

  3. Play board games: Put away all your electronic devices and bond with your friends with the classic Monopoly or Risk.

  4. Host a snowball fight with friends: Is it even a snow day if you don’t have a snowball fight?

  5. Make a fort and watch movies: Grab your cozy blankets and pillows and invite your friends to watch movies.

  6. Have a karaoke party: Put on a karaoke playlist and sing loudly to classic hits.


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