Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Law Panels

Written by: Madison Randolph


This year’s Law panel was formed of two BU professors, Kabrina Chang and Gina Powers along with Angela Smagula, a defense attorney for the City of Newton, MA. After the panelists introduced themselves, it was clear that they had similarities and differences regarding what got them to their current positions. While Professor Powers and Angela sort of fell into the field, Professor Chang was someone who, like myself, always dreamed of going to law school. However, among them all, one of the most important things these women agreed upon was to never pigeon-hole yourself. These women didn’t just take opportunities, they found them. Angela started off in the publishing world and Professor Powers originally intended on becoming a broadcast journalist. Somehow they both found their way to having the job title of an attorney.

One of the best parts of the panel was the back and forth between Professor Chang and Professor Powers. These long-time friends were able to tell part of each others’ story in a way that only comes from bonding over a shared situation such as the grueling years of law school where they met. Throw in a surprise entrance from Professor Spooner and we had a great conversation going in the end. If I took anything away from the panel it was that we don’t have to know what we want but once we do the next step is to find out how to get it and this is where the hard work and dedication come into play. It’s no secret that studying and practicing the law is a challenge, but for those who accept it, these women showed me it has some great rewards.

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