Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Fashion Panels

Written by: Yuriya Miyako


The fashion panel took place in between 11:10 and 12:10. There were 5 speakers in this fashion panel and many students came into the room to listen to the women who work in such a fast-paced industry.
HerNetwork welcomed five professionals: Amy Markham from New Balance, Andrea Wieglus from Trunk Club, Courtney Barry from Shoebuy.com, Jennifer Johnson from Talbots, and Bronwen Ambridge from Kiehl’s Since 1851.
Even though the fashion and beauty industry is extremely trend-driven and requires a lot of hard work, all five of them agreed that the people they work with make it bearable. They are surrounded by supportive co-workers and enjoy the corporate culture very much. The people keep these five women passionate and excited about fashion.
Additionally, when they were asked “How has networking helped you in your career?”, Andrea instantly responded, “It’s everything”. The five of them emphasized how networking and knowing someone in a new company who can stand up for you is beyond helpful. Networking helps not only to form profound relationships but it also provides one with more perspective and guidance.
It was evident from the fashion panel that the fashion industry excited these five professionals immensely and that they would love to continue working within the industry.

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