Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Accounting Panels

Written by: Sanjna Basa


First, thank you to all that attended the Accounting Panel! HerNetwork had the pleasure of hosting our four panelists, Gabby Carota from EY Audit department, Madison Litwin, a tax consultant from Deloitte, Emily Reynolds, an assurance manager from Pwc, and Wendell Dinglasa, a Tax accountant from Pwc.

While moderating the accounting panel, I wanted to understand each panelists personal experiences and their roles in their respective companies. Every panelist stated that working for one of the Big Four has really boosted their professional careers. Their favorite parts of their everyday work included their interaction and collaboration within their departments and teams, the challenges of some client cases, and the leadership opportunities their companies provide.

Additionally, Gabby, Madison, Emily, and Wendell gave helpful advice to the students that attended the panel, especially underclassmen, on learning more about the CPA. While a CPA is not mandatory to be an accountant, the panelists stated that having a CPA is important in order to take on higher roles within a company, especially managerial roles. They also stated that once you enter the workforce, it becomes difficult to find time to study for the CPA Exam, so make sure you plan early.

An important question that rose was whether or not the gender ratio was balanced in the accounting field. Most panelists stated that their departments were actually more female dominated, although higher management roles tended to be more male dominated. As more women enter the workforce, this ratio will definitely change.


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