Some of the Best Places to Get Dessert, According to Jackie

Written by: Jackie Galichon

Kanes Donuts in the Financial District

16881030_10208406732631389_575253541_o.jpgIf you ever have a chance to get down town, definitely stop by Kanes, they use organic and local ingredients so you can ~feel good~ about your treat. Their menu includes a lot of unique flavors like crème brulee, maple bacon, butter crunch, cookies and cream, cinnamon and gluten free options!


16910805_10208406732671390_323616693_oAs most BU students know, Tatte has popped up in multiple locations all over Boston. Their selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options are all delicious. But since this is about desserts I will keep my excitement to a minimum. They have everything from biscotti to chocolate croissants to tarts and cakes and cookies. So if you’re looking for a place to pick up something sweet after class or something a little fancier, Tatte has the selection.

BlackBird Doughnuts

Similar to Kane’s, Blackbird Doughnuts has constantly changing flavors. However here they offer a scoop of ice cream to make a doughnut sandwich in case it’s been a long day, week, year (depending on your “fitness” “plan” and “goals”). I would also recommend their warm apple cider to go along with your doughnut especially this winter.

Angora versus Café 472

16910895_10208406732551387_148244184_oLiving in West Campus definitely makes Angora the more convenient location, but Café 472 gets you more bang for your buck. Both places offer lunch and dinner items. But if you have a sweet tooth like me froyo is the go-to. Angora lets you pick a mix-in flavor (cookies dough, peppermint, cheese cake etc.) that they blend into the froyo AND THEN you get to add toppings. Café 472 does something similar but with a few additional toppings.

When in doubt, Buick Street’s Dunkin’ Donuts sells doughnuts for 49 cents after 3pm…just saying…


One thought on “Some of the Best Places to Get Dessert, According to Jackie

  1. Love this! Dessert breaks are an essential part of getting through Boston University business school.


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