Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Finance Panels


Written by: Morgan Cappetta

At this year’s conference, herNetwork hosted four fabulous women on our Finance Panel. They were: Cissy Hu (Wellington Management Co.), Vivian Chen (Wellington Management Co.), MJ Vasquez (Morgan Stanley), and Kaitlyn Eichinger (Fidelity Investments). The panelists represented a wide variety of educational and personal backgrounds, as well as a diverse array of job titles, descriptions and responsibilities. Moderated by Jackie (President), the panelists answered questions and shared their own experiences, offering great advice to those in attendance. Some of their most notable comments were as such.

  1. Use clubs at school to explore and develop your interests. It’s best to test out the world of finance before jumping in.
  2. The culture of the workplace and the people you work with are more important than the job itself.
  3. Leverage the relationships your school has made with potential employers.
  4. Be sure to interview your interviewer; meaning, you should enjoy the conversation too!
  5. In most financial firms, women’s networks are present, and can help new female employees as they transition into the working world and grow their careers.
  6. Certifications and other exams are a big responsibility – be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into with the finance full-time position you choose.
  7. Understand why you are passionate about finance, and why you want to go into finance above all other options available to you.
  8. Make friends with excel.
  9. Leverage both your analytical and people skills to succeed!
  10. Don’t wait around for that ‘dream job/internship’, go explore and be open minded, and the right place for you will appear.



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