Recap: Internship Opportunities with Epsilon

Written by: Sarina Santiago

unnamed (1).jpg

Last Tuesday, herNetwork kicked off the Spring semester with an info session with Epsilon. The company is known for its large-scale digital marketing with over 2000 clients worldwide. Epsilon is intelligent in its marketing as it targets customers’ specific needs and habits. The company began in 1960 and has since grown to a well-known name in its industry winning multiple awards such Largest US Digital-Agency Network 2015. One of their famous accomplishments is Dove’s “Real People” campaign.

Campus recruiter, Lauren Kent, along with two BU alums came in to talk about several internship opportunities Epsilon offers. There is an 11-week paid internship mostly targeted for college junior and seniors where interns work in a group project. For graduate students, there is a two year Epsilon New Grad program, which is not limited to people who have done the internship. However, international students are required to have the internship program before applying for the New Grad program. Additionally, freshman and sophomore students can join the Epsilon bootcamp where they shadow employees for the day.


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