New Semester, New You

Written by: Shannon Low


Each semester, people create goals for themselves, but do not stick to them long enough to accomplish them. We tend to choose goals that we do not have time for and quickly lose the motivation to keep up with it. This is the semester you can keep up with your resolution by setting realistic goals for yourself that is easy to continue throughout the year and life! Here are 4 resolutions that you can do that will help you for college and beyond!

Be More Organized: Organization is key to helping you succeed and accomplishing all of your goals. Keeping a planner will allow you to separate all of your classes and write down all of the important assignments or events as soon as you get them before you forget. There are many planner apps, such as Panda Planner, which are helpful or you can use a paper planner, which you should keep handy. At the beginning of each week, you should make to-do lists, which allow you to plan out your daily schedule to remind you to stay on track and of any plans you made prior.

Keep Track of Deadlines: Deadlines can sneak up on you if you do not keep track of them. You should use a calendar and reminders to keep track of the days you assignments and projects are due; you can find all of the due dates on the syllabus. When you keep track of all of the deadlines, you can properly plan out your schedule to study, meet with teammates, do homework, and relax in your free time, without rushing up until your due date if you did not plan it out.

Find fun, cheap ways to manage stress: As a college student, stress is prevalent among most, if not all, of us and it is very unhealthy. There are so many options to destress, from exercising, going out to a movie, going to a museum, reading, yoga, walking, and many more! Around Boston, there is an abundance of things to do, such as paint bars, cycling classes, shopping on Newbury Street, walking around the Boston Common, and museums, most of which are free to students or offer a discount.


One thought on “New Semester, New You

  1. Great advice on finding fun, cheap things to do in Boston. We’re doing a series of posts about this on our PEMBA blog: Taking breaks from school and work is important!


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