2017: The Year of Awareness?

Written by: Savanna Illinger

Happy New Year Everyone!

So we all know there was a lot of political turmoil in 2016. In fact, many of us have posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about it.

Social media is an incredibly powerful and important tool but in light of what's going on, it is not enough. One of the best ways to get our voices heard is to contact our Senators and our Congresspeople as often as possible.

Awareness is extremely important and while the political climate has been tumultuous, it has raised awareness about politics in general in a way I haven’t seen in my semi-adult life. Activism is also very important and our voices are pretty powerful. It’s important to make yourself heard. Individuals banded together can bring change in 2017.

These links will give you their contact information for your Senators and Congresspeople: http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/                        http://www.house.gov/htbin/findrep


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