Tips for Surviving Finals Week

Written by: Shannon Low

The word we all dread hearing throughout the semester, finals. Finals week can be a very stressful time, but with some motivation and some guidance, you can crush finals week and finally relax again. Here are a few essential tips to surviving finals week, whether this is your first or one of your last finals weeks.

Find Somewhere To Study: Finding somewhere to study is one of the most important things to successfully studying. Whether it is in your room, a library, a coffee house, or the Boston Public Library, there are several different options to study in. BU has multiple libraries to study in, from Mugar to Questrom’s Pardee Library to the Law Library, where you can have different levels of quietness to a more relaxed area, where you can speak. Each dorm has a study lounge, which is as relaxing, but also more spacious than your room and desk.

Bring Water and Snacks: Remember to bring water and drink it during your exams and while studying! Dehydration can cause you to get headaches, which causes you to become less focused on studying. Drinking water and coffee can help you to concentrate more on your work and retain the information you are reviewing. Eating snacks while studying is important to staying focused because if you are hungry, you will get distracted and want to get up to grab food. One helpful tip is to chew gum when studying because it helps you to recall information by “waking up” your brain.

Sleep: Staying focused while studying and finishing your final papers is important. Making sure that you get enough sleep helps you to not get distracted and easily tired when you need to get your work done. Pulling an all-nighter may help you to review all of your notes, however it does not help you to retain the information and can even hurt your grades. Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep to not feel exhausted during the day!


Limit Your Distractions: There are many distractions that affect your studying, such as social media, your friends, and your phone. One way to avoid getting distracted by social media is to download “SelfContol” on your computer, which allows you to block different websites like Facebook or Twitter for a desired time, so you won’t constantly check it. Another way is to turn off your phone or put on Do Not Disturb, so you won’t keep looking at it every few minutes to avoid doing your work. You can use checking social media as a reward for each class you finished studying for or during breaks. Remember, you have all of winter break to check social media!


Remember to Relax and Take Breaks: Everyone cringes and becomes stressed out thinking about finals week, but that makes studying for finals more burdensome. A great way to destress during finals week is to exercise and be active as a break, which can help motivate you to study more after. It’s healthy to take breaks instead of studying for hours on end because you will feel more refreshed and ready to study more later on.

Thinking positive, and being positive can help you succeed during finals week. Good luck, everyone! 



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