Recap: Internship Panel-Women Mean Business!

Written by: Sanjna Basa


Last week, we held one of our most popular events of the semester, the Internship Panel. We invited ten experienced panelists to speak to underclassmen and anyone else interested in furthering their professional careers. Montana Risoldi, a senior in COM, has interned at BuzzFeed in New York and Red Engine in Sydney, Australia. Kim Kugler, a junior in COM, has interned at the PR firm, The Eighth Floor Strategic Communications. Kate Blasco, another senior in COM, has held internships at Edelman and Upicnic. Cassidy Kelly and Francesca Blanch, both seniors in COM, have interned for the Boston Bruins and Larry King, respectively. Moving onto our Questrom panelists, Helen Zhong, a junior in Questrom has interned at Pwc in Sydney, Australia, and Sarah Stewart, also a junior in Questrom, has interned at Amendola Communications, focusing more on Healthcare and IT. Our last two panelists are Elise Marie, a junior in Questrom, and Saania Ahmer, a senior in Questrom, have held finance internships in and are returning to Wellington Management and Goldman Sachs, respectively.

First of all, how do you get an internship? The most popular feedback was to check out or other internship sites, network on Linkedin, and talk to advisors.

An important part of getting an internship is to prepare for your interviews ahead of time. The panelists gave us some excellent advice on how to prepare well in order to be confident during the interview. Every panelist stressed that you should always research the company beforehand and tailor your resume with experiences that match the given job description. Also, a good tip is use the connections you have and reach out to anyone that applied to a similar interview and ask them about the interview and learn any tips from them. Also, prepare a story for yourself and know yourself well to project your personality to the recruiter. A very good resource is to check out tips and popular interview questions from a certain company.

The most important part of an internship is what you take away from it. What’s the point if you haven’t learned anything? Here are some excellent pieces of advice given by panelists:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Always use your connections
  • Show that you’re trustworthy
  • Put yourself out there
  • Play up roles you’ve been involved in on campus
  • Be open to learn

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