A Guide to Getting Through the Rest of the Semester

By: Meredith Wilshere
As we near the end of November, we are all faced with what I refer to as the “long haul” or the last portion of the semester that usually settles in after Thanksgiving. The classes and the deadlines seem endless, while all of your friends remind you that in just a month you’ll all be home again. Here are some tips for getting through the final push of the semester:

Spend time in the library.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but I am always shocked by how my productivity increases when I am in a library. Surrounded by people that motivate me to work as hard as them, I thrive in the quiet atmosphere and limited distractions a library brings. On the third floor of Mugar is where you’ll most likely find me and my definition of urban sprawl – a whole table took up by the thirteen books I’m using to write one essay. Other libraries that have my heart are the Law Library, Pardee in Questrom and the library found in the School of Theology. Each one comes with a different atmosphere, so find the one that works best for you. Happy studying!

Spend time with your friends.

Grab lunch with them in between studying, go on a late-night workout date with your best friends at Fit Rec, or even just go for a walk on the Esplanade. We are all in school to do well academically, but we cannot ignore the social aspect. Sometimes we are too busy grinding ourselves to the core to think about hanging out with our friends. Even if it is just a walk to get coffee during an all-nighter, your friends will appreciate the quick check-in and your heart will thank you.

Spend time with yourself.

Go out into the city. Enjoy the coffee shops that line the streets, do some holiday shopping for your loved ones or yourself, take a trip to the MFA if you’d like. It may be hard to find time for ourselves between deadlines, but it’s important to take some time and just breathe. We are never too busy to take the time to stop and check in with ourselves. Our mental health is one of the most important things to ourselves. Make sure you take the time, take a breath, and take it all in. College is stressful, but it’s also meant to be fun. Enjoy it while you can.


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