Recap: HubSpot and the Importance of Inbound Marketing

Written By: Meredith Wilshere


Last Tuesday HerNetwork had the pleasure of hosting two employees from HubSpot to talk about the importance of inbound marketing, and to comment on the changes the business world is undergoing. First, they defined what inbound marketing means – the process of attracting, engaging with and delighting your leads and customers through personalized, relevant content. This means that there is no longer a drive to sell something to a customer one time. At its core, inbound marketing is about building relationships with your audience by providing them with value. They emphasized that people used to say buyer beware, now it’s seller beware. Consumer culture has changed, and now the customer is the one that holds the control.
They called to attention the fact that the old marketing playbook is broken, presenting the statistics that 94% of possible consumers skips tv ads, 94% unsubscribe from email 27% direct mail is never opened 50% are on do not call lists. Inbound marketing strives to break the consumer free from this culture, engaging them with content that will lead them to make an informed decision on their own. Through inbound marketing, content acts as a magnet, or beacon, to capture your prospect’s attention so your potential customers come to you. The HubSpot presentation ended with information about the casual corporate culture at HubSpot that was driven by opportunities for employees to balance work and life, and held and emphasis for getting stuff done.


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