Recap: Trunk Club Fashion Show

Written by: Shannon Low


Last Tuesday, herNetwork had the pleasure of welcoming back Trunk Club as our first event for November! Trunk Club was founded by Brian Spaly, who wanted to make shopping easier and more convenient for everyone. Many people may believe that shopping is time-consuming and not fun, but through Trunk Club, the process of shopping is fit to meet each person’s need and style making it easier. Trunk Club focuses on creating the best customer service by allowing the customers to meet with a stylist, which allows them to talk about what their typical style is and what they like to get an idea about what outfits they might like. Then, the stylist creates outfits that the customer is able to try on and they can take their favorite outfits home the same-day or have the stylist send them outfits they may like in a trunk to try on and send back the clothes they do not like. Trunk Club is relationship driven, seamless, convenient, and customized to meet the needs of each person.

The Trunk Club representatives, Ann and Andrea, gave several tips about getting started in the company and how working with Trunk Club allowed them to grow over the years alongside Trunk Club. Ann started out at the company as a stylist 4 years ago and is now currently the sales director at the Chicago location. One big take away from her experience is that the more effort you put into your job, there will be limitless opportunities for you. Andrea and Ann both encourage everyone to go for the risks in their life because you never know what would happen. They believe that their risks have influenced them to get where they are now and risks also helped Trunk Club to be as successful as it is now helping them to become a subsidiary to Nordstrom in 2014.

Trunk Club has many interesting opportunities to get more involved with the company, from being a stylist/associate to being a sales intern. The sales intern positions are open to rising seniors in the Class of 2018, which is a paid internship for the summer of 2017 and the applications will open up between mid-December and January. Trunk Club is looking for entrepreneurs, self-motivated, confident, selfless, driven, and solution-oriented people to join their team. Trunk Club currently has 7 locations, in New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Charleston, and Boston, which is their newest location.


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