Recap: The Case Interview with Accenture

Written by: Meredith Wilshere


Last Tuesday, HerNetworkBU had the pleasure of hosting Accenture, a local end to end consulting firm that handles many clients. The major services that Accenture provides are strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. When introduced to a new client, or when dealing with a previous client, Accenture is able to identify the problem that client faces and direct them to the correct service that Accenture provides. The client is able to stay in-house, which allows for the client to only use one consulting firm to address and mitigate their problems.   

With both seasoned vets and recent BU alums in toe, Accenture professionals shared details about what it’s like to work in a fast-paced industry. After a brief definition of the company and what they do, the presenters gave those in attendance tips for interviewing. With a focus on case interviews, which are a specialty of Accenture, they assured the audience that the interviews are not as scary as they seem. Some hints they gave for interviewing are: being yourself, having confidence in your answers, listening to your interviewer, and having a passion for a position at the company. The last one was stressed through showing how you could be an asset to the company, not showing how much you know about that company.


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