Top Places to Shop for Business Attire

Written by: Ly Phan

Do you have a presentation, an interview or a networking coming up? Wondering the best place to get business attire? Here are herNetwork’s top 5 choices to get business professional as well as business casual outfits.


  1. Ann Taylor: They always have sales going on. For example, they just had a 50% off all sale items online using the code Fall50. Students discounts are always available when you purchase in store.
  2. Zara: They have great trendy and not too expensive selections for both men and women and with their physical store right on Newbury St., you can explore Boston while shopping.
  3. Target: This option might come as a surprise but Target does offer a great variety of business clothing for women. A new collaborative line, Who What Wear, is coming to Target and offers clothes at a $30 price range.
  4. ASOS: Although ASOS does not have a physical store, it offers free shipping on all orders, clothing at all price ranges, and many discounts.
  5. Express: Express is known for selling business casual and other business attire and although many college students view their style as a bit odd, the quality is very high.




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