Follow Your Dreams and Be Tech-Savvy

Written by: Minna Tang


Dean Freeman started this year’s Dean’s Speaker Series with three senior executives from Fidelity Investments. Dean Freeman and his guests discussed the current and the future of the financial services with Bill Ackerman, Head of Human Resources, Kathleen Murphy, President of Personal Investing, and Dick Lynos, Head of Business Partner Solutions. BU herNetwork was lucky enough to be one of the co-sponsorships got for the event. As VP of Marketing for herNetwork, I was invited to a special post-event dinner and had the opportunity to talk to the guests.

Throughout the evening, I was very impressed by how much Fidelity emphasizes technology and passionate employees. Many of us might consider Fidelity as one of the typical financial firms on Wall St., which only cares about number and money. However, the company not only is “obsessed” with customer services, but also put most of its resources into innovation. They believe that customers come to them because they need help, so they always put themselves into customers’ shoes to solve the problem for them. The only time employees would do that is when they enjoy what they are doing.  They love their job, so that they are willing to bring their own passion to them and find the meanings in what they do as the jobs are getting more and more interesting for them. The other point was “business is technology.” The guests encourage students to at least take one coding class because the digital experience has become one of the must-have skills for 21st century. With the rising cyber security issue, students need to acquire the basic knowledge of the digital world to understand the changing world.


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