Recap: Ustocktrade Information Session

Written by: Savanna Illinger


Recently, herNetwork had the pleasure of hosting Ustocktrade for our first meeting. The company was originally started by Tony Weeresinghe as a way to fund a charity project he was working on at the time. Since then the website has taken off.   In a wonderfully succinct, impactful and well-organized presentation Tony’s wife, Cindy Weeresinghe and her daughter made stock trading seem approachable.

They presented us with a disconcerting statistic: only 2% of their users are women. In an effort to change that low number, Ustocktrade has developed a program called “Ladies in Training” that is aimed at women with no previous stock exchange knowledge or experience. They also offer an online training program available to anyone looking to begin stock trading or are simply curious about what it actually is. Not only was their enthusiasm infectious, but also their message was important. This is a field in which women are almost wholly absence simply because many of us have never been familiarized with stock trading as a concept. Ustocktrade offers a simple plan that allows women, and anyone new to trading, to put their foot in the door.


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