Summer in Boston To-do List

Written by: Natasha Bunanta

Now that the sun is finally up and the temperature is getting warmer, here’s a follow up to Irene’s post – summer edition. Here’s a list of things on how to make the most out of your summer here in Boston:

  1. Bike


Combine exercise with sightseeing! Boston bike tours offer fun ways to get around the city, easily accommodating all skill level bikers. If you’re not up for a tour, you can always rent Boston’s hourly rental bike, Hubway, and casually ride along the city with your closest friends. You can pay by the hour or opt for a membership. It is also a great time for beginners to learn; the vast areas on BU Beach and the Esplanade are great places for beginners to learn how to bike.

  1. Kayaking or Canoeing


It’s very rare to see life around the Charles River during the winter, but as the summer warms up, you’ll start to see energy around the area. You can easily rent kayaks and canoes during this time of the year. If you’re a first-timer, don’t hesitate to learn how to paddle! Paddling is also a great way to explore the sights of Boston.

  1. Explore hidden Gardens


Going on a Garden Tour is a great way to de-stress and explore hidden sights around Boston. There are locations in different parts of the city such as Beacon Hill, Fenway, Cambridge and the South End. It’s a hidden gem worth looking for before the summer ends!


These are just our top three highlights. There’s so much more to do in Bean Town during the summer. We hope that you will be looking forward to an awesome summer this year!


One thought on “Summer in Boston To-do List

  1. I love the garden idea. Discovered some in the South End recently.


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