How to Deal with Your Friends Going Abroad (Without You)

Written by: Jackie Galichon

  1. Take them shopping for both food and clothing. Feed them all the bad, processed, fatty American meals right now so they greater appreciate fancy High Tea in London, fluffy pastries in France, and insane amounts of gelato in Italy.


As for clothes: Claim you’re helping them create a new wardrobe to better reflect their destination(s). As a side note, I don’t know if the “leggings as pants” trend is universally accepted, so I’d recommend bringing at least *some* real pants (I know, bummer).

  1. Help them retrieve their student visa and find their *misplaced* passport: This one is dedicated to my best friend who has an incredible way of misplacing and then miraculously finding important documents at the very last minute.
  2. Assist in the packing process. Or, just do it for them because they have too many clothes/shoes/haircare items/makeup bags. Also, their room is a hot mess, so aid in tidying their current home before they move on to another one.                                               tyaet
  3. Wish them well and promise to *like* all their Instagram pics.
  4. Wait anxiously for their return.

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