Women Mean Business Conference Recap: More Panels!


Entrepreneurship Panel: Blake Sims and Nikita Virani

By: Madison Randolph

The entrepreneurship panel held at this year’s conference featured two amazing businesswomen  who provided great input and advice for our guests. They touched on topics of how to get started with self employment and what to expect from the experience. Above all else, the panel really continued to come back to the point that it all starts with an idea. One idea. Something that as a person, you feel so passionate about that you cannot see a world without it. Both of our panelists did not shy away from the fact that being an entrepreneur is tough and that many times it can force a person to choose between practicality and passion. But, they also emphasized that when your “work” revolves around something that you truly care for, the payoff is more than rewarding.



Marketing Panel: Lisa Blancato, Jennifer Galichon, and Juliana Nicholson

By: Jacqueline Galichon

In the last breakout session, herNetwork held a marketing panel featuring women from various types of marketing firms: Hubspot, Digitas, and Unilever. They offered great advice about how to function on a team, in that it is essential to be self-aware of how you act and how you interact with others. It is also imperative that you learn how others function on teams to find a middle ground during a collaboration session or meeting. They specifically mentioned the DISC methodology (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) that is used to categorize and then advise team members how their colleagues work. Click here to take the quiz!

Additionally, they highlighted the importance of mentorship— both seeking a mentor and being a mentor. It is important to ask for advice and learn from others, especially those who are currently in the place you wish to be in five years. However, they emphasized how great it is to be a mentor and follow through with assisting someone else in their professional and personal growth.



Fashion Panel: Kim Jackson, Amy Markham, Alexandra Shadrow, and Taylor Reustle

 By: Mira Hopkins

The panel represented a broad range of companies in the fashion industry, ranging from well-established, global brands to small boutique startups, giving students a wide understanding of industry as a whole. The panelists from Alex and Ani, New Balance, TJX, and UNItiques discussed their views on life after college as well as their advice for students who are looking to enter the consumer products and retail industries.

Issues discussed:

  1. Understanding Key Industry Trends

Understanding market trends is a crucial aspect of the fashion industry. The panelists emphasized the importance of analyzing and projecting consumer behavior and how the industry as a whole develops based on consumer trends.

  1. Finding Your Career Path

The panelists also spoke about the importance of building up your resume and getting professional experience. The panelists stressed the importance of putting yourself out there to narrow your interests and find your passions. Each panelist discussed their separate career paths and how different experiences allowed them to find what they were looking for in a career.

  1. Women In The Work Force

While there are not as many men who work in the fashion industry, many of the panelists still discussed gender issues that arise in the business field. Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In was a topic of discussion as the panelists highlighted the importance of “sitting at the table” and empowering women in the workforce.


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