Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Workshops!


Esther Lem
By: Lisa Passanisi
Esther Lem, CEO of Chegg, lead the first workshop of the day, “Advice I Wish I Received.” Her presentation largely focused on developing self-confidence and having ambition. One of the most memorable quotes of the presentation was to “be brave, not perfect.” This is an essential mindset to have as we develop as students, interns, and working professionals. Without fear of being wrong, we have to put ourselves out there. Additionally, we need to be brave enough to go after our dreams and to enjoy the journey as we go along.



Christopher Colbert
By: Minna Tang
In less than 60 minutes, Chris proved to us that finding a job is no different than marketing a product. After all, we are our own brands. He talks about the idea of “One Simple Thing” and how it will help us to stand out from the crowd. Your “One Simple Thing” is your promise, proven your capability. By finding the OST, we will be able to make an impression in the way we want to instead of letting the market make a label for us. More importantly, different stories are for different people as they are looking for certain specific characteristics.
Chris gave us his example. He believed that he has three OSTs. First, he is a leader, so he will be able to talk about his leadership experience when he knows that the person sitting across from him is looking for someone who can lead. Second, he is a creator because he owned a successful start-up and understand what it takes to be a creator. Third, he is a communicator because he is currently teaching at Harvard University and needs to be always ready to talk to his students and fellow educators.
So, what is your One Simple Thing?



Rachel Dreilinger
By: Nicole Renteria
Attendees had the great privilege of sitting in on a seminar that discussed salary negotiation by BU’s very own Rachel Dreilinger. Rachel started the discussion off by addressing her main objective for the day’s presentation: To make you realize your worth! Many times, we find it intimidating to push for our desired salary when finally hired into to our dream job. Rachel spoke on how to ask for our target salary, without compromising your job security.
Also discussed during the seminar was the huge presence of the unfair wage gap women face still today, in 2016. Rachel voiced that “a woman college graduate will earn approximately $1 million less over her working life than a man”.
How do we solve this issue? We voice our concerns. Rachel outlined negotiating with four steps. The first was to establish your bottom line, basically know what you will not compromise in an offer. Next, benchmark your offer. Do your research and figure out what you can get for the position you will be filling. Then, evaluate your offer. Take a minute to go over what it includes and which of your requirements it fulfills. Lastly, begin your negotiation. Put on the table something that is reasonable, and is also doable for your future employer. If you can follow these four easy steps, you will be well on your way to earning exactly what you deserve!


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