Women Mean Business Conference Recap: Keynote Speakers!

Our President, Julia Haas, and Vice President, Bronwen Ambridge, give their accounts of our Keynote Speakers’ speeches from our Women Mean Business Conference on March 19.


Patricia L. Hambrick
By: Julia Haas

Professor Hambrick, a renowned professor and professional within the marketing world, held the morning keynote and set a great tone of inspiration and empowerment for the whole day. She encouraged everyone to follow their passions and emphasized that you can listen to advice from friends, family and others for support, but at the end of the day, you still have to pursue whatever makes the most sense for you. She jokingly hinted that even her own son doesn’t listen to her advice, but that she thinks that is good and he is learning to follow his own dreams and to also learn from his mistakes.

Overall, she also had a list of 10 key pieces of advice:
1. Be tenacious
2. Conquer the world
3. Be respected yet humble
4. Balance is a fallacy
5. Support others
6. Have choices
7. Take chances
8. Have a north start, not a plan
9. Define your own success
10. Be courageous!

12525104_253543251647005_1221196487383158057_oKristen Cuneo

By: Bronwen Ambridge

Our last Conference speaker of the day was Kristen Cuneo, an Employee Compensation
Program Manager at IBM. During her inspiring closing keynote entitled ‘Worth It’, she
shared advice she learned throughout her career. Here are three key points that resonated with our audience:

1. You Are Worth Fighting For
Regardless of your age or amount of experience, your voice matters and you have
something valuable to contribute. You must believe that your professional expertise and
knowledge is beneficial. Have the confidence to share your opinions.

2. Build a Strong Community
When you are thrown into a new experience that is outside of your comfort zone, it can
feel daunting. Everyone needs a strong support system and community to fall back on
during challenging times. From a professional standpoint, work on building and
maintaining strong, positive working relationships throughout your career.

3. Move Forward After Set Backs
It can be discouraging when you apply for a job that you believe is a perfect fit only to be
rejected. Instead of accepting that as the end, remember to ask for feedback and to
reiterate your interest. Whether you end up working there in the future or not,
constructive feedback is valuable to help you improve, and staying in contact with
someone at the company is all part of building your professional network.


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