What to Watch this Spring Break

Written by: Nicole Renteria

Image: NBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals


Feeling sad that all your friends are spending their spring break on some exotic island under the blissful sun? Well, don’t worry: you are not alone!

As you head home to spend the break surrounded by family, or maybe even stay stuck at school, there is a list of things that can be accomplished! Maybe some of you might decide to reorganize your room, color coordinate your closet, or even to finally throw away that pair of jeans you’ve had since the seventh grade. But, for those of you who are a little less motivated to be productive with your week, here is a list of Netflix series that embody women empowerment and are worthy of binge watching:

  1. 30 Rock

For all you Tina Fey lovers out there, this is a must-see. In this sitcom, Fey plays the lead writer for a hit comedy show for NBC called 30 Rock. In her executive role, Fey’s character exemplifies a woman of power and leadership in the workplace. The show sets a great example of the impact and capability that women exert by having control of her surroundings. This, along with some SNL-themed humor, makes for an interesting series. Between her strange relationship with co-star Alec Baldwin and her clumsiness of a human being, Fey has co-produced a must-see. 30 Rock should definitely be at the top of your list.

       2. Parks and Recreation

No one can resist the love we all share for Amy Poehler. Put her side by side with Tina Fey and they are the definition of best friend goals. In her comedy series Parks and Recreation, Poehler plays a bureaucrat in the community’s parks department. Poehler’s character, Leslie, is exemplified as an intelligent, driven politician who expresses great devotion to making her town great. During the series, Leslie is constantly challenged with the same restrictions women face today in the political and corporate industries, but manages to overcome all the obstacles she is faced with. Her character is a great example for all aspiring young women who have ever shown interest in becoming strong female figures in our nation to fight for their dreams.

      3. Jane the Virgin

Lastly, my favorite ongoing TV drama has so many plot twists you’ll never get bored. Jane the Virgin stars Gina Rodriguez, a young virgin mother with a crazy social and family life. Rodriguez’s character is a great role model for our generation of lower income women who want to receive a higher education. In her early 20s, Jane has completed college and is heading to graduate school while working two full-time jobs and paying her own way through college. Meanwhile, she is raising her newborn son and writing her first novel. Jane sets the example that you can accomplish all your goals and dreams with a lot of hard work and support from your loved ones. And the love triangles with cute boys makes it great, too.


I hope that you find time in your relaxing week away from school to start at least one of these series. I am a big advocate of binge-watching Netflix, but what makes these shows standout is their commitment to uplifting women and to inspiring them to be successful. They each carry their own ability to empower the young generations of women as well as to entertain.


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