Volunteering with Dress for Success Recap

IMG_2195Last Friday, the members of herNetwork joined forces with the organization Dress for Success in Boston. Dress for Success is a donation based organization that helps women prepare a wardrobe for a professional interview. They aim to build the confidence in women to be financially independent and pursue their professional endeavors. It is a two-step process. First, customers can select a professional outfit from the in house “boutique” for their job interview. Next, if the customer gets the job, they are welcome back to pick out two more outfits. The organization also hosts sales of the clothes that are donated, and those that aren’t sold or selected are given to Goodwill.

The herNetwork team spent all of Friday going through the donations brought in. Clothes were organized, hung and steamed. Hats, gloves and scarves are also collected in preparation for the winter. Dress for Success also collects donated shoes that customers can wear in professional setting.

The in-house boutique offers professional clothes like suits, skirts, blouses, shoes and purses. As well as, more casual clothes for officer parties and accent jewelry appropriate for the corporate world. The Dress for Success foundation does its best to give its customers the confidence to take on the professional world, starting with the suit that gets the job.


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