Meet Minna, our Marketing Intern!


Why HerNetwork?

The big difference I have found between HerNetwork and other clubs at Boston University is how much everyone is involved. At the beginning of the year, I was overwhelmed and excited with many general meetings held by various clubs and organizations. As a freshman, I tried to attend as many as possible because I wanted to explore and experience everything. For the many of the clubs’ second meetings, there were all kinds of meetings where I found myself simply sitting and listening as what I usually do at lectures. I liked how informative they were, but I also felt that I was missing out on something essential.

I am someone who learns best through experience. I want to be actively involved and contribute as much as possible when I am in a group. Therefore, I like to give as well as receive. Fortunately, I joined HerNetwork.

The E-board work hard to make everyone feel welcome and included. During the LinkedIn workshop, I was able to talk to Julia, our wonderful president. I asked her a list of questions about LinkedIn and all the other stuff on my mind. She was knowledgeable and patient so that I did not feel awkward at all. Yes, she is a senior and the president, but she made me feel like I was just a friend rather than a know-nothing freshman. By closely working with Lisa, VP of Marketing, I have learned the right way to face rejections in life and to keep up with study and life. Catherine, our VP of Finance, prepared chocolate for everyone before she left for Dublin. At that time, she did not know me personally. In fact, she did not know half of the group because it was the first time for many people to officially join the group. I was very touched by her thoughtfulness. During our mason jar fundraiser, I finally got to talk to Bronwen, the Vice President and fundraising committee chair. She was so sweet that she wrote down a list of everything I should do in Paris when she heard I was visiting Paris in January. There are so many other people I want to give a shout-out to, but I guess it would be boring for to read.
I simply hope you now know: HerNetwork to me is not only a club but a welcoming home where I feel belonged, encouraged, and valued. As a freshman, what more could I ask for?


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