Top Reasons To Study Abroad

Top Reasons to Study Abroad

By Catherine Chen

Are you passionate about travel? Do you want to gain lifelong experiences? Have you considered studying abroad but is too hesitant to apply? Here are some of the top reasons why you should take the plunge!

Expand your worldview
Take advantage of being able to experience a brand new country! From their customs and history, learn about what makes your host nation different from yours. Take the opportunity to see museums and historic landmarks that makes your host nation unique.

Make lifelong friends
Studying abroad allows you the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world. You will be able to meet people with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests so take advantage of getting to know your classmates or even the locals!

Opportunity to travel
The possibilities are endless. You will be given the opportunity to travel not only within your host nation but also neighboring countries as well. Travel to places where you otherwise would not have been able to if you did not study abroad.

Learn another language
Are you interested in learning a new language? How about wanting to brush up on your language skills? There’s no better way to learn a language than being immersed in a culture that speaks the language you are trying to learn. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking like a pro!

Take in a new culture
Studying abroad allows you to experience and learn about a new culture. Take the opportunity to experience new foods, customs and traditions and develop an appreciation for the culture.

Explore your heritage
Do you want to study abroad to learn a little bit more about your heritage? In fact, study abroad provides the perfect opportunity to do so. From tracking down your family roots to learning a little bit more about your ethnicity and background, studying abroad provides tremendous personal benefits.

Learn to be independent and self-reliant
There is no better place to learn to be independent than studying abroad in a foreign place. Studying abroad forces you to leave your comfort zone and often tests your ability to adapt to certain situations. You will most definitely learn how to problem solve and have the opportunity to really discover yourself.

Become spontaneous and adventurous
Most students find themselves falling into a certain routine when they are in school. However, when you are abroad, most students find that they are able to become more adventurous, taking spontaneous day trips to cool places with their new friends.

Gain lifelong experiences
Studying abroad provides students with lifelong experiences and memories. For most students, studying abroad is the only opportunity they will have to be able to travel for a period of time. Eventually you may find yourself too busy to consider a big trip so take the opportunity to study abroad now!

Enhance the value of your degree and career opportunities
While abroad, you make come across unique courses offered in your program that you otherwise would not find in your own school. Sign up for classes that may interest you and learn something new! Also, when you finish your study abroad program, you will come back with new skills and perspectives that many employers will find attractive.

Now that you have read some of the top reason to study abroad, head on over to to get started on your study abroad adventures at BU! There’s still time to apply for Summer and Fall 2016 programs!


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