Winter in Boston To-Do List

Written by: Irene Lougiakis

Whether you are staying in Boston over the holiday break or brainstorming things you want to do with your friends once the spring semester starts, here’s a list of fun things to try this winter!

Ice Skating at the Frog Pond

frog pond
A seasonal favorite, ice skating in the winter never gets old! Whether you’re a skating pro or if you’re just a beginner, ice skating with a group of friends is always bound to be a great time at the Boston Common.  Rates are based off your height: under 58 inches is a free ride and anyone taller pays $5.00. Since skates are only $10.00, it’s too good of a deal to pass up!


SOWA Vintage Market

Looking for some new cute antiques for your dorm or a unique gift for a friend? Stop by SOWA’s Vintage Market this winter. The holiday market is open year round and is great if you’re looking for jewelry, art, furnishings or anything fashion related!


Top of the Hub

top of hub
As soon as winter reaches its peak and snow starts to fall, the Top of the Hub at the Prudential Center is a must-see sight in Boston. Since it’s 52 floors up in the Prudential Center, you’ll get to see the best views of the city as it’s covered in snow. Whether you choose to go here on a date or have a girls night out, the 360 views of this restaurant are guaranteed to be memorable!



One thought on “Winter in Boston To-Do List

  1. glad I came across this! I think I will be travelling to Boston sometime next winter. It is a great list!


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