BU’s Female Leaders

Interview conducted by: Esha Deshmukh

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.25.09 AM

When I thinking about interviewing a female leader on campus, my friend Dana was one of the first people who came to mind. Dana Fryer is a sophomore at Boston University, who participates in several activities such as RHA and helping out with BU Admissions and takes on multiple leadership roles. She is a Dietetics major in Sargent College and hopes to have a private practice someday.


Esha: What activities do you participate in, both on and off campus?


Dana: I am very involved with activities on campus. I am a tour guide with BU Admissions, a Dean’s Host for Sargent College, and I am the secretary for the Brownstones Residence Hall Association. I also work as a student manager at a food court on campus as well as intern at a private practice in Brookline.


E: For your leadership roles such as Dean’s Host and Student Manager, what qualities do you think are important to possess? (For example, good communication skills, being flexible, etc.)


D: For my leadership roles, one of the most important qualities is being able to take responsibility. Often it is easiest to push work onto other team members, but it is important to fulfill all assigned tasks. Another important skill is to be able to effectively communicate with others. Whether it is disciplining, assigning a task, or exchanging information, unclear communication can cause difficulty in getting the intended message across. It is also important to be a fair and consistent leader. There are times where your coworkers or employees do not reach expectations and it is important to know how to properly deal with each situation.


E: Do you have advice for students at Boston University to take leadership roles on campus?


D: My advice to students interested in getting into leadership roles on campus is to apply to anything they are interested in. I feel that many people are often deterred from applying to roles because they do not think they can get it. A strong interview can make a big difference even if you lack prior experience in a certain role.


E: As you know, herNetwork is a Women in Business club, so do you have any advice for female students in particular about getting involved in leadership roles?


D: My advice to female students, in particular, is to be confident in who you are. Your biggest supporter is yourself and believing in yourself can go a long way.



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