HerNetwork: Women making an impact

By Kashika Narang

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.40.04 PM

Melanie Hubbard is a sophomore at Boston University. She is an amazing example of what it means to be a leader.

Melanie shared with me her experiences with cyber bullying during her senior year of high school. Many students took part in verbal harassment against her through social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Melanie approached her faculty administration with this issue. They were unable to offer her any help or sense of comfort. Instead, she took charge on her own.

Melanie researched and created a club within her school called CyberYou. Through this organization Melanie and other members would teach administration how to use social media accounts to better understand how their students communicate.

CyberYou provides education on bullying and how to use social media safely and properly. CyberYou promotes an anti-bullying atmosphere by getting students and faculty communicating about bullying to understanding the negative effects it carries and to learn how to prevent it. CyberYou holds events such as CyberYou week. This special week is filled with activities that the school partakes in to create a more positive, supportive environment. One event is a Post-It challenge in which students leave positive notes around the school.

Melanie was able to channel the negative energy associated with bullying into an organization that has created a positive impact within her school community for students and faculty. Most children who are bullied tend to develop depression, suicidal thoughts, and insecurities. CyberYou works to prevent this and help students develop healthy and secure relationships with themselves, their peers, and their community.

Without help from her authoritative figures or peers, Melanie took charge and exemplified strong leadership skills, courage, and strength. She changed the environment of her school. This plays a huge factor in influencing the behavior of the members within CyberYou and associated with her school. Three years later, CyberYou is still a strong organization within her school and continues to create positive impacts.

For more information about CyberYou, click here.


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