Study Suggests Businesses Need Women in Leadership

By: Esha Deshmukh

I recently read an article from TIME titled “Having Women in the Boardroom Is Good for Business, Study Finds”, which I thought was really applicable to what herNetwork stands for. According to the article, businesses are more successful if they have women in leadership; the article states “American publicly traded companies with all-male executive boards missed out on $567 billion in 2014, according to a study by global accounting firm Grant Thornton, titled “Women in Business: the Value of Diversity.”

I think this study suggests that businesses actually need women in leadership to offer different perspectives in boardroom meetings, objectives for projects, etc. Personally, this article motivated me to take on more leadership roles whether it be leading my team for my business classes on an idea in a meeting or simply not being afraid to speak up during class debates. I think this article should motivate women to actively pursue leadership positions because organizations, such as companies in this study, can benefit from the different skills, knowledge, and beliefs that women can bring. I found this study to be empowering for women to be confident and take on a leadership role because this could end up really lifting up the organization they work for.

To read the article, click here.


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