Meet the E-Board! Rachel, our VP of Social media, explored & worked in Ireland this summer!


I am Rachel Harrison the Vice President of Social Media for herNetwork Boston University. Originally, I’m from a small town in Virginia where I grew up on my parent’s farm. After high school I knew I had to get away from the rural life so I headed to the best city, Boston. Currently I am a sophomore in the Question School of Business and am planning on majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

This summer I was lucky enough to study and work abroad through the BU Ireland internship program. I worked in the marketing department of a local restaurant chain called Gourmet Food Parlour. Through this internship, I was able to grow my software skills along with my creative marketing skills. Being able to work with Irish co-workers at an Irish company gave me the opportunity to be open minded in the way other countries do business. I also took a class on contemporary Irish society where I learned the sociology behind the Irish culture. I’m a huge supporter of studying abroad and hope to do my junior year in London along with a semester at the D.C program.

Outside of school I have a passion for running. I ran the 2015 Boston Marathon on the Goodwill team where I was able to raise over $4,500 for the Goodwill Youth Initiative. My team of 12 runners raised over $55,000 for the youth of Boston. I’ve never felt a more rewarding feeling than crossing the historic Boston Marathon finish line.

I hope to see you all at Splash and then at our first event for herNetwork!


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