Kylie’s Internship at TripAdvisor


Hi! My name is Kylie Wilson and I’m a rising Senior in the Questrom School of Business
concentrating in Marketing. I’m from Palo Alto, California, but my home away from home is Boston. This summer I had the amazing opportunity of joining TripAdvisor’s Intern class of 2018 on the Search Engine Optimization team. TripAdvisor’s beautiful office, collaborative work environment, and friendly employees immediately attracted me to the company. The fact that they are a travel company, and I love to travel also made me interested in applying.

My internship allowed me to dive deeply into data analytics, but also let me explore my
creative side when I would come up with test tactics for how TripAdvisor could change their titles in Google to increase the number of consumers landing on their Hotels page booking hotels. One of my test ideas successfully gained $700,000 in revenue, which made me really proud I could positively impact the company. In addition to working projects on the SEO team, I had the flexibility to reach out to other teams that peaked my interest. I found TripAdvisor employees to be very open, so I was able to contact the Senior Director of Product Design for a one on one meeting to learn about his career. This open and friendly atmosphere really showed me how invested employees were in the internship program.

When I wasn’t working I was exploring the office, looking for a new spot to sit at. The office has 6 floors, and each floor theme is based off of a continent (not including Antarctica). You can really get a sense of how passionate the company is about travel because the decorations and furniture are based off of the floor’s theme, which made exploring the office an adventure every time. I’d always find some cool new snacks in each floor’s kitchen, or pastries and local food laying around from someone’s trip. There is also free lunch, and the options are endless! The best perk by far though was how employees could bring their dogs (I lost count of how many puppies I met).

I highly recommend people interested in working in the travel/tourism tech industry to apply to work at TripAdvisor. The internship program makes sure every intern is well taken care of by their manager, so we end the summer knowing our work contributed to the company. My internship allowed me to expand my network and make new connections with full-time employees and the other students in my intern class. I’m very grateful for the work I got to do because the skills I gained can’t always be learned in the classroom. As for graduation, I fully plan on applying to TripAdvisor where I hope to continue growing my career and exploring my passions.


Finance Panel Recap

by Hima Kethu

One of the breakout sessions for the Her Network conference was a finance panel. The speakers of this panel included Morgan Cappetta and Jacqueline Galichon from Wellington Management who were VP and President, respectively, for Her Network during their time here at Boston University. The panel also included Carolyn Arida from GE energy. All three women talked about their usual work days and how they got to the position they were in. While they were all in finance, each were in a different sector and they each had very unique work days and experiences to contribute to the panel.  They also spoke about their college experiences, internships that they had and also gave basic interview tips for the students who attended the panel.

One of the highlights of the panel was the open conversation everyone had about the discrepancy between the number of men and the number of women in the finance industry. There is a gender gap, which they all noticed when they started their job but they mentioned that it didn’t bother them and it just made them work harder. They gave us the advice that we had to be louder and more confident with our opinions so we would be heard as females in a male-dominated industry. Hearing their perspective and their experiences with this issue was really eye-opening and showed that while it may be male-dominated there are women that can and do succeed in the field. We ended the panel on an optimistic note with the fact that in the recent years the gender gap has been getting smaller within the industry and slowly more and more women are holding higher job positions and are now able to compete on even playing field.   

Engage at Questrom, Connect, Network

By Minna Tang

Sunday was the super bowl, but what were you doing this past Saturday?
herNetwork’s  annual Women Mean Business was held at Questrom on Saturday, February 3rd. The all-day conference featured a number of breakout sessions where attendees were able to attend discussions and speaker panels from all different fields, backgrounds and professional experiences – Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Fashion, Law and Consulting. Speakers and panelists shared their experiences as professionals in diverse and competitive industries and offered invaluable advice about what it “takes” to get to where they are today. Those women are sure to inspire other women to consider launching their dreams in the business world.
This was the third time for me to attend the conference and I still cannot believe how much good advice I heard throughout the day. One of them was the importance of thank you note. During the Q&A session, all the marketing panelists agreed that it is important for people to drop a thank-you note after an interview. They said that employers are expecting the thank-you note nowadays because it shows not only professionalism but also humanity – after all, everyone wants to work with people they can get along. One example was one manager told the panelist to drop one candidate due to the fact that he/she failed to send a thank-you email after the interview.
Therefore, lesson learned: Always send a thank-you note after the interview!


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.22.20 PM

The trial and error of my work life balance

By Minna Tang 

Hi all, my current GeoFilter tells me I am at South Kensington, London. Yes, William, Kate, Harry and Meghan are sort of my neighbors, but unfortunately I have not had the chance to meet them in person.

I am working at TAIT Stage Technologies as a HR Intern. I walked in thinking no one would take me seriously and now consider myself a part of the big family. People here are absolutely welcoming and willing to help. I have learned a lot through my job and found it absolutely rewarding when the result became useful for others. Since my company works with various productions locally, I was able to get some free tickets to see Broadway shows and get on the stages and backstages of theaters to see all the efforts behind a successful show. I don’t want to bore you with my job, so feel free to talk to me if you want to know more about it.

fullsizeoutput_46e6.jpegAlthough there is not much a cultural shock for me, there were still some hilarious incidents. My coworker asked me to get her some squash when I went downstairs for coffee. I came back with a cup of squash and everyone in the office burst into laughter. Apparently I had mistaken squash for regular juice since I thought it was something like ‘chips’ and ‘fries.’ However, squash is actually “a non-alcoholic concentrated syrup.” I learned then that the right way to drink squash is to add a lot of water and a little bit of squash. Therefore, if you think studying, working and living in London is exactly the same as home, you are probably should come here and check out the squash, Yorkshire pudding, toad in the hole and bangers and mash. No, you cannot just google them, you have to try them HERE.

Traveling was one of my favorite and least favorite parts. No one had told me about the tight schedules I would experience here, so I had to decide between red-eye flights to my checklist destinations and a more relaxing life schedule overall. Unsurprisingly I chose the traveling before the experience made up for everything. Oh, I cannot forget to give credit to all the coffee I had at 3am on the way to the airport.

Anyway, why are you still reading? Just click “apply” and submit your application NOW!



Info Session with Andersen Tax

Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting two professionals from Andersen Tax, an independent tax firm, come and talk about the firm. Andersen Tax was formed in 2003 by 23 public accounting partners and is one of the largest independent national firms in the United States. It was a great opportunity for those interested in accounting and tax to learn about the business of it all.

If you are hired as an associate, you go through various training sessions and spend two-weeks learning alongside new hires. Learning your role is crucial to your success at Andersen Tax. Some of the tasks you might have to do as an associate could be:

  • Helping prepare tax returns at the local, state and federal level
  • Gather client information
  • Understand the space
  • Participate in tax planning

Andersen Tax is looking for someone who is a self-starter, internally motivated, and passionate about tax preparation, with a willingness to learn and try new things.

Studying Abroad with herNetwork: Meredith in London

ParisHi, all! My name is Meredith Wilshere and I was the former Vice President of Social
Media and I will be the incoming Vice President of Marketing. I just finished studying abroad in London, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

The program in London is a combination of both internships and classes. The first few
weeks are dedicated to taking two different class four times a week while getting Fridays off to travel and interview for the upcoming internship. I took International PR, which was a track course for PR in preparation for my internship, and Meet the Author, which was an English class where we read and reviewed contemporary books and met with the author to interview them and talk about their work. Spring break comes after these classes end, and then my internship, internship seminar, and my Modern British Drama class all started.

For my internship, I was the Brand and Corporate Intern at Engage by Bell Pottinger, an
international PR firm. Aside from traveling, my internship has been my favorite part of studying abroad. London is the perfect place to work, aside from a packed tube ride to work. Working in a different environment with co-workers that were willing to help really aided my transition from an American to a British workplace. There, I was working with financial, technological and global clients.


I love each country that I traveled to for a different reason, but I loved the country of Scotland the most and the city of Paris the most. Through a trip that I booked via Boston University, we took a bus tour through most of Scotland, venturing into the highlands and driving through different mountain ranges and past battlegrounds. On a different note, I love Paris as a city because it was the trip I was looking forward to the most. I had spent my high school career attempting to master the language and learn about the culture. When I got to the city, I saw sights that I had only seen pictures of in textbooks. When figuring out directions or communicating with our taxi driver, I was able to use the French that I had learned to communicate. Above all, my friends and I had a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, which brought small tears to my eyes. I wouldn’t trade my abroad experience for anything. (Sorry Boston!)



Studying Abroad with herNetwork: Nicole in Dublin

Written by: Nicole Renteria

Dublin, Ireland

I am currently studying abroad in Dublin and absolutely loving it. I’ve been involved with herNetwork for the past two years. I was the previous VP of Operations and the upcoming Vice President! In Questrom, I study International Business with a minor in French Language.

While abroad, I’ve been interning at Centralis Ireland, a financial services firm. I have been loving every second of being here in Ireland. The people are great, the city is wonderful, and there is nothing more picturesque than the country side of Ireland. Just imagine fields and fields of green and sheep – it’s remarkable. Some of the best qualities from my time abroad have been the people I met. Not only the other students that I live with from Boston, but mainly the people I’ve met from Ireland. I have made lifelong friends from all over Ireland that have made a serious impact on my time here. My co-workers as well have been such a lovely addition to my experience. They are welcoming and great to be around, both in the office and outside of it.

Another great aspect of my semester abroad has been the opportunity to travel! I focused most of my time on seeing all of Ireland. I came to Dublin to get the full Irish experience, and you definitely need to visit the country side for the traditional aesthetic. My favorite city to visit in Ireland has been Galway. Everything you could ever imagine the Irish culture to encompass – you can feel when you’re sitting at a pub in Galway. Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl came after we already visited but I think the song is reason enough to return! Outside of Ireland, my favorite travel destination was Barcelona. It’s an incredible city, with a lively culture and a great atmosphere all around. Barcelona is very different from the feel of Dublin, which made it more appealing to visit. It was great to visit somewhere completely different from where I’ve been living for the past few months.

These past few months have been an absolute joy to spend in Dublin. There is no better experience than studying abroad for a semester if you get the chance. Fair warning – the semester will fly by and you’ll be dreading the day you have to leave! Whether you end up in Dublin, or some other beautiful city across the world, make sure you stop into Ireland for a pint and save a dance at Dicey’s. Ireland has so much to offer, and you’ll be consumed by their pride and culture.