HubSpot Recap





Written by: Danielle Edmonds | Edited by: Nancy Zhang

On November 27th, herNetwork held an information and networking session with HubSpot. HubSpot develops and markets software products for inbound marketing and sales. However, HubSpot focuses on more than just marketing as they have many departments, including the sales department, the product department, the marketing department, the business operations department, the service department, and G & A. Two recruiters, Nicole Bhatia and Lexi Conceicao, shared their experiences within the sales portion of HubSpot.

Not only did they share insights about their jobs and what they do at HubSpot, but also they showcased the company’s culture. HubSpot continuously receives high rankings from various sources for its culture, work environment, and diversity. HubSpot has a great environment that enables employees to work with everyone, no matter a person’s seniority level. The company allows employees to work whenever, wherever, so employees do not have to have a normal 9-to-5 job. Employees experience many perks such as dogs in the office, nap rooms, Waffle Wednesday, and unlimited vacation time. However, these perks do not take away from the productivity of the company. Both Nicole and Lexi agree that HubSpot is the most efficient and effective company that they have ever worked for. While the perks are certainly nice, employees themselves are self-motivated and always try to put their best foot forward to help the business succeed.

Overall, HubSpot is a notable software company that performs well in marketing, sales, and service that cares for both its customers and employees. Additionally, Nicole and Lexi revealed many opportunities for students and soon-to-be-graduates to get involved with, such as student development programs, formal internship programs, co-ops, and many entry-level jobs in each department.

For more information, feel free to contact the following recruiters and mention “herNetwork” for reference:

-Nicole at

-Lexi at

-or check out HubSpot’s website for job postings and BU Handshake!


Internship Panel

Written by: Christina Chen | Edited by: Nancy Zhang

On Nov. 6, herNetwork partnered with BU Marketing Club for an Internship Panel. We had the opportunity to hear from four Questrom students, Maxine, Tom, Clare, and Matt, about their internships at Estée Lauder, PwC, HubSpot and MM.LAFLEUR respectively. These four panelists all interned at different companies and talked about their own experiences regarding the application process, the work environment, and newfound knowledge.

On the topic of application, Matt brought up how he found his internship opportunity on HandShake; however, his profile was deemed unsatisfactory in meeting the Year requirement despite him being of eligible status. He brought this issue to the Career Development Center, which noted the mistake and suggested that he should apply through the actual company site instead. It’s interesting to note that if Matt had applied through HandShake, his application would have been filtered to the bottom, since it supposedly did not satisfy all the employer preferences. From his experience, Matt recommended that it’s best to apply through the company’s website than through HandShake if applicable.

Also, one pivotal point that all the panelists highlighted was to make the most out of your time at the company. They recommended that if you finish your task at hand, try to challenge yourself and find another task to do. Doing so will help you stand out to your employer and demonstrate your willingness to contribute. Clare mentioned how after she finished her tasks for her team, she would ask if there was anything else to help with for other teams. She emphasized the importance of teamwork skills and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, all panelists agreed that if a company is relatively small, there is an opportunity for you to engage with some of the managers and CEOs more easily. If you get the chance, you should definitely take it as upper management is able to offer insightful knowledge that could benefit your future career.

If you are interested in speaking to any of these panelists directly and learning more about their internship experiences, please contact:

  • Maxine (Estée Lauder):
  • Tom (Hubspot):
  • Clare (PwC):
  • Matt (MM.LAFLEUR):

Professional Skills Workshop

Written by: Danielle Edmonds | Edited by: Nancy Zhang

On Oct. 23rd, herNetwork’s meeting focused on building professional skills. herNetwork partnered with the CCD and LOCK to give attendees the opportunity to have their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIns reviewed. From the CCD and ERC, we had a student ambassador, Amy, who promoted the centers’ services. The CCD’s main resources include helping with Handshake, providing on-campus interviews, offering career counseling, running career fairs, providing mock interviews, and offering workshops. Amy also told attendees about VMOCK, an interactive online service that reviews resumes. Not to mention, the ERC provides peer tutoring, writing assistance, the Language Link program, individual advising, and workshops.

After learning about the resources offered at the CCD and ERC, attendees split into groups depending on what they wanted. LOCK helped review documents and gave them useful guidelines for editing their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIns. This was a unique opportunity as upperclassmen were able to provide feedback. Considering how some students do not always want to go to Career Advisors for help, so this was a great chance for students to receive help from peers. herNetwork’s E-board members also provided useful tips for interviews. It can be overwhelming for underclassmen to experience an interview for the first time, so hearing from students who have been through the interview process is comforting and informative.

Overall, this workshop was extremely helpful as it illustrated all the resources available to students. It gave attendees the opportunity to have their documents reviewed by  peers and receive useful advice for interviewing. Knowing that it can be difficult applying to internships and jobs, herNetwork created this workshop to showcase to students the resources available and help them better prepare for job applications and interviews.

amAmy explaining CCD and ERC resources

Epsilon Recap





Written by: Christina Chen | Edited by: Nancy Zhang

On Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, recruiter Lauren Kent came to the herNetwork x BU Marketing Club meeting to introduce Epsilon and provided ideas of the various opportunities that the company offers. Not only did Ms. Kent present us a glimpse into Epsilon’s work environment and culture, but also she brought two boxes of Insomnia cookies for students to enjoy.

Epsilon is one of the largest data-driven marketing companies in the world and also the largest U.S CRM/direct marketing network. Epsilon works with many well-known companies, such as American Express, Staples, or Dunkin Donuts, and helps these companies refine their marketing techniques. Epsilon has analysts, statisticians and consultants to help each individual company “target, convert and retain more customers.” Along with this, Epsilon utilizes its powerful technology and digital service to assist companies in marketing through emails, SMS, and other means of communication methods.

Overall, Epsilon is a global company and is open to recruiting individuals with diverse skills and talents. Ms. Kent explained that she will be assisting with the recruitment process, seeking potential interns for a full 11-week internship program for this upcoming summer in either the Wakefield, MA or New York City location, as well as candidates for the New Grad Program. If you are interested to be a part of Epsilon, all the opportunities are listed on HandShake.

Feel free to reach out to Lauren Kent at:  LAUREN.KENT@EPSILON.COM — and mention herNetwork!


PwC Recap



Written by: Christina Chen | Edited by: Nancy Zhang
The info session with PwC was a great experience, because attendees did not only get to learn about career opportunities at PwC but also interact with the recruiter and some employees, who are also BU alumni. 
PwC has many initiatives to help make their employees live a better life and build a healthier work culture. For example, the “Be well, work well” is the new wellness initiative that aims to energize and empower employees to focus on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Although it is true that employees tend to work long hours at PwC, they can use the “Habit Bank,” a quiz that scores how well they are taking care of themselves , to better their work-life balance. So if a break is needed, they should take it. PwC also values community service, because they believe that responsible business leadership is an expression of their purpose. Their commitment is to take care of their people in the community and make an impact simultaneously. Not to mention, a great piece of news is that PwC is the first in its industry to create a new employee benefit that helps students pay back student loans. PwC will pay $1,200 / year for up to 6 years to help eligible recent graduates pay back their college loans.
Most importantly, PwC has unique career programs for all grades. For example, freshmen, can apply for the Career Preview and Explore programs. For more information, please contact campus recruiter Allison McCartney at
A fun fact about PwC:
Since they have offices all over the world, employees will always try to find the local PwC office when they visit a new city.

Kylie’s Internship at TripAdvisor


Hi! My name is Kylie Wilson and I’m a rising Senior in the Questrom School of Business
concentrating in Marketing. I’m from Palo Alto, California, but my home away from home is Boston. This summer I had the amazing opportunity of joining TripAdvisor’s Intern class of 2018 on the Search Engine Optimization team. TripAdvisor’s beautiful office, collaborative work environment, and friendly employees immediately attracted me to the company. The fact that they are a travel company, and I love to travel also made me interested in applying.

My internship allowed me to dive deeply into data analytics, but also let me explore my
creative side when I would come up with test tactics for how TripAdvisor could change their titles in Google to increase the number of consumers landing on their Hotels page booking hotels. One of my test ideas successfully gained $700,000 in revenue, which made me really proud I could positively impact the company. In addition to working projects on the SEO team, I had the flexibility to reach out to other teams that peaked my interest. I found TripAdvisor employees to be very open, so I was able to contact the Senior Director of Product Design for a one on one meeting to learn about his career. This open and friendly atmosphere really showed me how invested employees were in the internship program.

When I wasn’t working I was exploring the office, looking for a new spot to sit at. The office has 6 floors, and each floor theme is based off of a continent (not including Antarctica). You can really get a sense of how passionate the company is about travel because the decorations and furniture are based off of the floor’s theme, which made exploring the office an adventure every time. I’d always find some cool new snacks in each floor’s kitchen, or pastries and local food laying around from someone’s trip. There is also free lunch, and the options are endless! The best perk by far though was how employees could bring their dogs (I lost count of how many puppies I met).

I highly recommend people interested in working in the travel/tourism tech industry to apply to work at TripAdvisor. The internship program makes sure every intern is well taken care of by their manager, so we end the summer knowing our work contributed to the company. My internship allowed me to expand my network and make new connections with full-time employees and the other students in my intern class. I’m very grateful for the work I got to do because the skills I gained can’t always be learned in the classroom. As for graduation, I fully plan on applying to TripAdvisor where I hope to continue growing my career and exploring my passions.

Finance Panel Recap

by Hima Kethu

One of the breakout sessions for the Her Network conference was a finance panel. The speakers of this panel included Morgan Cappetta and Jacqueline Galichon from Wellington Management who were VP and President, respectively, for Her Network during their time here at Boston University. The panel also included Carolyn Arida from GE energy. All three women talked about their usual work days and how they got to the position they were in. While they were all in finance, each were in a different sector and they each had very unique work days and experiences to contribute to the panel.  They also spoke about their college experiences, internships that they had and also gave basic interview tips for the students who attended the panel.

One of the highlights of the panel was the open conversation everyone had about the discrepancy between the number of men and the number of women in the finance industry. There is a gender gap, which they all noticed when they started their job but they mentioned that it didn’t bother them and it just made them work harder. They gave us the advice that we had to be louder and more confident with our opinions so we would be heard as females in a male-dominated industry. Hearing their perspective and their experiences with this issue was really eye-opening and showed that while it may be male-dominated there are women that can and do succeed in the field. We ended the panel on an optimistic note with the fact that in the recent years the gender gap has been getting smaller within the industry and slowly more and more women are holding higher job positions and are now able to compete on even playing field.