Conference 2019: Consulting Panel Recap

Written by: Aroni Paromita | Edited by: Danielle Edmonds

Our Consulting Panel was held during the first breakout session. We had three panelists who are all BU Alumni. Flavia Mucciolo, who graduated from Questrom, is currently a Consulting Analyst at Accenture. Ally Hoffman is currently a Senior Consultant in EY’s Risk Advisory Practice. Finally, Ishita Agrawal is a Management Consultant at PwC.

Both Ally and Ishita mentioned that their full-time job landed from their junior internship experiences in their respective companies which really shows the importance of an internship. Flavia pointed out that “consulting is always client facing. The most important skill to learn is how to present information and how to connect with people in a way that they can understand the information.” Ally added that “teaming is also so important in consulting,” which the other panelists strongly agreed with. They also emphasized that a career in consulting requires adapting to a new lifestyle of travelling often. Therefore, if you love traveling and working in teams, a job in consulting may be the perfect fit for you.

When asked about whether being a woman makes their careers harder, Ishita said that being aware of it and taking measures accordingly is what makes it easier. She takes the time to ensure that she gains enough trust from her clients to make them seek advice for solutions to their business issues. However, from her experience, she has seen that being a woman in consulting is really celebrated and doesn’t hold you back from reaching your goal.

Additionally, they all emphasized the importance of reaching out to anyone working in a company or industry of interest on LinkedIn, especially to a person with mutual connections. They all agreed that what makes consulting challenging is maintaining a persistent and trustworthy relationship with clients which can involve answering important phone calls while on a break.

We want to thank Flavia, Ally, and Ishita for taking the time out of their Saturday to speak with us.  If you want to connect with them, feel free to add them on LinkedIn and attach a thank you for speaking at our conference.


Museums You Must Check Out While You’re In Boston

Written by: Aroni Paromita | Edited by: Danielle Edmonds

Are you a museum person? Do you find looking at art fascinating? Even if you’re not, there are some museums in Boston that offer much more than just art. These museums offer an experience of excitement and joy. While most people have been to the Museum of Fine Art and Science, there are some others that are less well known but all worth visiting! And the best part? THEY’RE ALL FREE with your Student ID!

1. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum:


Located in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood, this museum consists of two buildings. Not only does the museum contain significant examples of European, Asian, and American art, but also the architecture and the lighting of the building itself take you to a different era. They also host many special events that you can find out about on their website or on Facebook. If you are looking for a more exciting place to study, good news for you! There is also a lounge inside where you can grab a cup of coffee and get some work done while being surrounded by the historical ambiance. There is a gift shop where you can find a variety of cool things. It’s open every day from 11am-5pm, with the exception of Tuesday. However, it’s open till 9pm on Thursdays. So, just show up with your Student ID and check it out for free!

2. Institute of Contemporary Art:


The ICA is located in the heart of the Seaport District. This is the home to contemporary modern art that you will not see in a historical museum. They also change up the exhibitions once in a while so you always have new things to see when you go there. Some of the artworks are interactive and it requires you to follow certain instructions to fully understand what the artwork means. If you’re tired of going to a museum just to observe art and are craving something more than that, then this is the perfect place for you! And again, it’s free admission with your Student ID. They are open every day from 10am-5pm with the exception of Monday and open till 9pm on Thursday and Friday. Just like Isabella, they host a variety of special events that you can go to with friends. Find out about all of those events on the website.

3. Museum of Bad Art:


Located a little far from Boston in the Somerville area, this museum is a unique collection of art that is considered to be bad in terms of general standards and expectations. Therefore, it contains art that you will never see in any other traditional museum. It is one of my favorites as it draws interest and appreciation towards art that would get ignored otherwise. If you are in the mood to check out some work which is out of the ordinary, good or bad, this is the place to go! It is open every day from 4-10pm. Check out the website to find out more!

Networking 101 Workshop Recap


Written by: Danielle Edmonds

This week is Diversity in Finance week, a week consisting of workshops and panels focusing on diversity in the finance sector. herNetwork’s event for the week was Networking 101 where we had Sean, the Assistant Director of Career Advising at the Questrom UDC, give tips on networking.

We began the session by talking about what networking means to us. All of the attendees agreed that networking can be awkward and we are never sure if we are networking correctly. Sean eased our worries by advising us to make a simple goal for any networking event so we know what we want to get out of the experience. This goal should not be landing an internship or a job, but instead something simple, like finding out more about a specific field or receiving three business cards.

Sean also advised us that the majority of networking should be done by reaching out to people close to us such as family, friends, or friends of friends. While attending networking sessions and messaging people on LinkedIn are great ways to network, it is often better to start networking with those closest to us. Additionally, get excited about networking and remember AIR- advice, information, and referrals. These are the three things you should be asking for during networking. Also, strike a power pose as they help you gain confidence in networking!

Lastly, Sean calmed the Seniors’ worries about finding a job. He reminded everyone that while Questrom has a 95% job placement rate, that is the rate 6 months after graduation. Sean said that in May it is typical for less than 60% of Seniors to have accepted job offers. So, don’t stress out! There is plenty of time to land a job or an internship. Remember to relax and get excited about networking and eventually, your dream job or internship will come to you.

We want to thank Sean for taking the time to speak with us today. If you want to talk to Sean, feel free to schedule an appointment on Handshake, attend UDC Career Walk-ins, or email him at

Enterprise Recap

Written by: Amanda Ashley | Edited by: Danielle Edmonds

On March 5th, herNetwork welcomed Enterprise for a confidence seminar and networking opportunity. After getting to know the associates through an icebreaker, Jessica Marquardt, a talent acquisition specialist, led a short seminar about how to increase your confidence in various stressful situations, mainly through the use of power poses. While I’m sure we have all heard of power poses before, it can be difficult to know how and when to use them to increase your confidence! Using one before a presentation or a peer review, Jessica shared, can give you a boost of last-minute confidence and even has some extra advantages like helping you to improve your posture and calm any last minute nerves! Numerous Enterprise employees came and it led to a great discussion of how to continue to find ways to boost your confidence as you move up in your career and how to adapt how you present yourself to your day-to-day situations as they change. We want to thank all the Enterprise associates for coming and sharing their tips for confidence!


Conference 2019: MIS Panel Recap


Written by: Sikta Samal | Edited by: Danielle Edmonds

The MIS panel featured Alex DelloStritto and Cheryl Seah, both BU alums who interestingly both graduated a semester early than their respective classes – 2017 and 2015. Alex currently works at WayFair as an Analyst in their Algorithms and Analysts team. Alex concentrated in Finance at Questrom and is also a herNetwork alum. Cheryl is a Senior Associate within PwC’s Cybersecurity & Privacy Advisory team. She also graduated Questrom with a concentration in Finance, along with a dual degree in Economics from CAS.

Alex started as an Intern at Wayfair, which she found through Handshake and highly recommends as a resource. She did not enjoy her experience in this internship as it involved more creativity, which was not her strong suit. This made her realize she wanted something more technical. In the beginning, she regretted her internship and felt like she made the wrong decision doing it. However, through connections she had built at Wayfair, she was able to secure a full-time job in her current department, which was exactly what she was looking for. Meanwhile, Cheryl directly applied to PwC and fell into her current team through the typical application process.

Alex and Cheryl spoke about navigating the MIS industry, which is still growing and constantly changing. There are always new roles that come up, and each has its own required skill sets. They revealed that the industry is one which requires having knowledge about both business aspects but also being equally skilled technically. This might be having some basic coding background and familiarity, if not fully learning a new programming language. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful in the field if you don’t have technical skills, as there are always roles involved that place more emphasis on different aspects.

We want to thank Cheryl and Alex for taking the time out of their Saturday to speak to us. If you want to connect with them, feel free to add them on LinkedIn and attach a thank you for speaking at our conference.

Conference 2019: Technology Panel Recap


Written by: Sikta Samal | Edited by: Danielle Edmonds

Our last breakout session included the technology panel and we were lucky to have 4 diverse women who come from different companies and careers. Eeshan Kabir is a Software Engineer at Amazon, Chanelle Statti works at MEDITECH as an Implementation Specialist, Sarah Lucca is a Site Reliability Engineer at Carbon Black Inc, and Angela DeFranco is a Director of Product at Hubspot. Interestingly enough, none of them thought they would work where they are as they all started off in vastly different majors in college and ideas of what their career would be.

When asked about what skills they believed are important in the industry, they all echoed that although technical skills are required, it is equally important to focus on soft skills such as networking and presenting, which people in STEM tend to overlook. You have to be confident in your abilities, and as Angela said, “confidence gives you the abilities to ask the right questions which propels you forward.” She noticed that men tend to be unafraid when asking questions, and believes that women should learn to do the same. This led to a discussion of the STEM industry and how it is still one that is male-dominated. They revealed that they all dealt with imposter syndrome, but quickly learned that you belong there just like anybody else. Their companies are extremely encouraging and value women, which has allowed them to reach their fullest potential – even though there are several obstacles and challenges on the way.

We want to thank Eeshan, Chanelle, Sarah, and Angela for taking the time out of their Saturday to speak to us. If you want to connect with them, feel free to add them on LinkedIn and attach a thank you for speaking at our conference.


Here’s Why You Should Take Time for Yourself, Especially When You’re Stressed

Written by: Jamie Derouen | Edited by: Danielle Edmonds

Let’s be honest: college is tough. Trying to balance courses and homework, holding a leadership position in clubs, having a part-time job, and on top of all that trying to achieve the best grades possible, it’s a lot. And if you can do it with no stress on your shoulders, please email me your secret. But for the rest of us, it can be difficult.

While the overwhelming stress that comes with being a college student can lead to a mental overload, we are in need of times to relax and refresh. So today, I’d like to share some pieces of advice to encourage this. Taking time for yourself for your health and self-care can be essential to keeping yourself motivated and afloat amidst all your responsibilities. Three things to remember would be to:



1. Pencil It In

Self-care shouldn’t be a once in a while treat; it should be a staple in your schedule. Taking a couple of hours on a Sunday night to do a facemask or going to a relaxing yoga class at the gym can be a life preserver, especially during midterms or finals season. Taking this time to refresh, reboot, and prepare yourself for another week of upcoming deadlines and assignments is a key aspect of staying proactive and re-energized. To have this set into your routine ensures the likelihood of taking time for yourself amidst all your responsibilities and better prepares you for what’s to come.


2. Do What Makes You Feel Good

Self-care can encompass a number of things that make you feel better. Journaling, going to a yoga class, playing an instrument, or having a spa night to yourself may just be exactly what you need. Do whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle what comes next. Whether that’s going out to a museum or watching an episode of your favorite show with a bucket of ice cream, it’s important to do what makes you feel good.


3. Invite Others

Feel free to bring other friends into the mix! Having a spa night with some friends and some pizza is so pure and fun. Spill the tea, play some music, and just spend some time surrounding yourself with good people for a couple hours if you can. Bring them along to a movie night or tag along to a yoga class. Having those cathartic experiences that can help de-stress you is so important before even more of that college chaos piles on again.

Feel free to use these tips to stay healthy and refreshed, and good luck during midterms season everyone (T-5 days until Spring Break we can make it)!